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Last Saturday, we joined a competition at IPB.

This competition called NDCA IAAS IPB 2013, held on 12th-13th October 2013 . Our contingets are Maharani (FE 10), Nyspan (FE 10), and Jessica (FE 11).

On the first round, we faced IAAS LC IPB and we won that round.

Second round, we fight against bakrie, unfortunately we lost.

Last pre eliminary round (round 3) was determining round whether we‘ll break or not.

We faced swing team and it is a silent round. After 3 fierce pre eliminary rounds, Atma Jaya broke 4th to semifinal with 2vps. Sadly, we lost at semifinal round against UI. But still our team managed to be semifinalist and got cash prize.

This time we‘re not champion, but we still have lot of competition to go and lot of opportunity to bag trophies home. We hope in the next competition we‘ll be better both in achievements and performance.

Keep spirited and passionate in debating guys!

ADC’s Training


Welcome, PD AJA XV, new members of ADC!

Yesterday on 13th – 15th of September, Atma Jaya Debating Club finally held an inauguration, an always-awaited-event on ADC. This year, on Pelatihan Debat Atma Jaya XV, we are accepting 45 best freshmen that performed well in the interviews. Well done, guys!

This year, PD AJA was held at Puncak, Coolibah Village. These awesome 3 days we spent, we did a very extraordinary unlike any other PD AJA ever held. We introduce a new learning systems and way, by proudly gave a freshman one mentor. And we are honored to have our beloved mentor to have shared their debating experience.

Thank you to all mentors, Davin Susanto, Kario Teguh Chandra, Silvya Suwandy, Cindy Fransisca, Carlos Yohan Rafavy, Richard Hanjaya, Maharani Rotua, Nixon William, Yuliawati Kuncoro. Words of encouragement and also inspiring stories inside are always the best encouragement for our new members in their way to be a debating God, lol.

And lastly, we are proud to have and welcome all of you, PD AJA XV as new members of Atma Jaya Debating Club, we are proud to see how your struggle on our two phase of selection finally brought you here. We hope to see you in our secretariat, and also in regular practices.

Welcome and good luck!

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