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What we had back at Ganesha Open

The journey to ITB Ganesha Open started on a rainy night of Friday, but the battle started on the next day. It was a four round a day debate with challenging topics and lots of pressure. Our two teams (Richard-Febrilina and Nico-Tasya) and independent adjudicator (Arif-Shannon) struggled as well as learnt about tons of things in this competition. The result might not be maximum for both teams, but it was definitely a good investment for future development and knowledge. Not to mention, a fun experience to be spent together as friends.

On the first round, Atma 1 became CG while Atma 2 became OG at the same chamber under the motion “As Syrian Opposition Council, we should reconcile with Bashar Al Ashad in order to progress with the Syrian conflict resolution”. They faced other two teams from ITB alumni and Binus. It came out that Atma A got 2nd position while Atma B got 4th position. Continue reading


Newbies 2013

Tia - Raisa - Bunga

Tia – Raisa – Bunga

Hai guys! Last Saturday and Sunday (2nd and 3rd November 2013) was the time for our fresh debaters to show their talent in debating. We joined annual competition held by EDS UI,” Newbies”. It is a special tourney dedicated for new debaters who never compete in varsity/open level. We sent 3 teams, Atma A consists of Angela (FE 13), Jimmy (FH 13), Bene (FE 13). Atma B consists of Gaby Bun (FIA 13), Gaby K (FPsi 13), Kelvin (FIA 13) and Atma C consists of Tia (FE 13), Bunga (FIA 13), Raisa (FE 13). Our contingents also accompanied by Kario and Arif on Saturday, Cindy on Sunday.

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ADC contingent to Australs 2013

998449_10201124731353093_1837345565_nOn 14th July 2013, Atma Jaya Debating Club participated in Australs 2013. We sent one team, consisting of Kario Teguh (Psychology ’11), Febrilina Sanjaya (Technobiology ’12), and Cindy Fransisca (Accounting ’10). The team underwent a rigorous 9 rounds of debates in the span of three preliminary days. Unfortunately the team did not make the break for ESL category, finishing with only 3 VPs. Indonesian teams that were part of the ESL breaks are: Universitas Indonesia A and B.
Nevertheless, the experience is extremely valuable for our future endeavor. Special thanks for PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk as our official sponsor to UT Mara Australs 2013.
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Official blog for Australs 2013:

Official sponsor: PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk.

ADC’s Internal


Last Friday-Monday, we joined inaugural Gadjah Mada Debate Tournament 2013 that held on 25th-28th October 2013. The tournament called as GMDT. We sent two teams in that tournament. Atma A consist of Gisella (FE 12), Michelle (FT 12), and Arif (FH 12).

Atma B consist of Nyspan (FE 10), Jedai (FE 11) and Gege (FE 12).

gmdt 1

Besides that, we also sent 2 N1-Adjudicator, Silvya (FE 11) in Atma A and Sarah (FE 11) in Atma B.

On Friday, Silvya and Sarah take an accreditation by doing some writing test and assessment toward debate exhibition. On Saturday, our team faced 4 preliminary rounds.

On the first round, Atma A (gov) faced IAIN Cirebon (Opps) and Atma B (Opps) faced Teknokrat (Gov) with the same motion “TH, As Liberal Parents, would teach our children to be religious”. The result is both Atma A and B won that round. Continue reading