Last Friday-Monday, we joined inaugural Gadjah Mada Debate Tournament 2013 that held on 25th-28th October 2013. The tournament called as GMDT. We sent two teams in that tournament. Atma A consist of Gisella (FE 12), Michelle (FT 12), and Arif (FH 12).

Atma B consist of Nyspan (FE 10), Jedai (FE 11) and Gege (FE 12).

gmdt 1

Besides that, we also sent 2 N1-Adjudicator, Silvya (FE 11) in Atma A and Sarah (FE 11) in Atma B.

On Friday, Silvya and Sarah take an accreditation by doing some writing test and assessment toward debate exhibition. On Saturday, our team faced 4 preliminary rounds.

On the first round, Atma A (gov) faced IAIN Cirebon (Opps) and Atma B (Opps) faced Teknokrat (Gov) with the same motion “TH, As Liberal Parents, would teach our children to be religious”. The result is both Atma A and B won that round.

Second round, Atma A (Opps) faced UMPP (Gov) with motion “if I were you, TH, as ASEAN country, would stop assisting Australia in preventing asylum seekers from entering the country”. and Atma B (Gov) faced EDS UGM B (Opps) with motion “THBT it’s in the best interest of Iran to stop its development of nuclear tech (in both weaponery and energy sectors)”.

The result is Atma A won this round but Atma B lost. Beside that in this round Silvya became Panel but Sarah still Trainee.gmdt 2

In the third round, Atma A (Opps) faced EDS UGM B (Gov) and Atma B (Opps) faced Al Hadid (Gov) with same motion “TH, As Liberal Democratic Country, would banned unpaid internship”. The result is Atma A lost and Atma B won this round.

In the fourth round, Atma A (Gov) faced Bipeds B (Opps) with motion “THBT state should actively prosecute sexist and mysogenis remarks (ex: Robin Thicke’s song “blurred line”, jokes about woman and the kitchen making sandwich)”. And Atma B (Gov) faced UB B (Opps) with motion “TH, as feminist movement, regrets the rise of househusband”. The result is both Atma A and Atma B lost that round. And the last hope was preliminary round 5 in the next day. Because both team just got 2 vps by the end of the day.

In the next day, Sunday, on the fifth round, Atma A (Gov) faced Unsoed B (Opps) with motion “TH, As Facebook, would require children (under 18 and eligible for facebook account) to friend with their parents” and Atma B (Opps) faced Parmad A (Gov) with motion “THW use tax payers money to compensate the creator of copywrighted content for losses due to piracy”. The fifth round was silent round. So both team waited for a breaking announcement. (from breaking announcement, we know that the result is both Atma A and Atma B won that round).

When breaking teams announced, Atma A broke 16th and proceed to Octofinal. But sadly Atma B that in 17th position can’t broke to the next round. Besides that Silvya and Sarah also don’t be break as adjudicator, even thou they already gave their best shot. In Octofinal, Atma A (Opps) faced EDS UGM A (Gov) with motion “THBT Black Entertain should not use N-words”. The result for the Octofinal round was Atma A lost and their journey should ended on GMDT. To refresh our mind, we’re traveling Jogjakarta and having a karaoke session, as usual it is very


fun and exciting J

This time maybe we stopped at Octofinal. We’re happy we had several improvements even thou there’s still much things to be learned. But we still have a lot of competition and chances to bring trophies home. We hope the next competition will be better both in achievement and performance. Don’t give up and keep your spirit in debate guys, Because it’s not the end of your debate journey!

ADC’S Training


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