Newbies 2013

Tia - Raisa - Bunga

Tia – Raisa – Bunga

Hai guys! Last Saturday and Sunday (2nd and 3rd November 2013) was the time for our fresh debaters to show their talent in debating. We joined annual competition held by EDS UI,” Newbies”. It is a special tourney dedicated for new debaters who never compete in varsity/open level. We sent 3 teams, Atma A consists of Angela (FE 13), Jimmy (FH 13), Bene (FE 13). Atma B consists of Gaby Bun (FIA 13), Gaby K (FPsi 13), Kelvin (FIA 13) and Atma C consists of Tia (FE 13), Bunga (FIA 13), Raisa (FE 13). Our contingents also accompanied by Kario and Arif on Saturday, Cindy on Sunday.

Angel - Jimmy - Bene

Angel – Jimmy – Bene

Gabby Bun - Kelvin - Gabby K

Gabby Bun – Kelvin – Gabby K



After a month and half of preparation, our fresh debaters very excited to taste varsity debating experience. Because it’s gonna be very long if we type the progress from round to round in narrative way, we’re just going to give you recap in every round =p.

Round 1:
– Unsoed vs Atma A, result: Atma A won
– Atma B vs UI C, result: Atma B lost
– Atma C vs Unpad A, result: Atma C won

Round 2:
– Atma A vs UPH A, result: Atma A won
– Atma B vs Unpad B, result: Atma B won
– Atma C vs Unpar B, result: Atma C won

Round 3:
– UI B vs Atma A, result: Atma A lost
– Atma B vs Bipeds B, result: Atma B won
– UI C vs Atma C, result: Atma C won

Round 4
– Atma A vs Binus A, result: Atma A lost
– Binus B vs Atma B, result: Atma B won
– UI B vs Atma C, result: Atma C lost

Actually round 3 and 4 was silent round, we’re very curious is it our teams going to break to quarter final or not. Breaking teams announced, Atma B broke 5th with 3 vps and Atma C broke 6th with also 3vps. Unfortunately Atma A couldn’t made it to elimination round, landed on 9th position, one short vp away from breaking. But still Atma A already such a good job J

Elimination round was held on Sunday. On Quarter Final, Atma B debating  against Unpad A, while Atma C debating against UI C. Unfortunately Atma C lost against UI C on quarter, but we have good news Atma B broke to semi final!

On semi final, Atma B faced UI B under the heading of Feminism. But Atma B should stop their journey on semi final with unanimous decision. We’re still very happy even thou we’re not the champion, but our fresh debaters seems like enjoying the whole process on this year Newbies. They made a huge progress compared while they were in PD AJA. Tia (Atma C) awarded as 7th best speaker and Angela (Atma A) awarded as co-8th best speaker.

Awesome job newbies contingent, we’re proud! We do hope, the enthusiasm and spirit from our fresh debaters was not only during newbies, but also years ahead because they were the next generation of ADC’s debaters.  For you guys, especially PD AJA XV don’t worry lot of competition waiting for you ahead, don’t stop learning, and keep passionate in debating.

Reporting from Newbies UI 2013,

Training Division


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