What we had back at Ganesha Open

The journey to ITB Ganesha Open started on a rainy night of Friday, but the battle started on the next day. It was a four round a day debate with challenging topics and lots of pressure. Our two teams (Richard-Febrilina and Nico-Tasya) and independent adjudicator (Arif-Shannon) struggled as well as learnt about tons of things in this competition. The result might not be maximum for both teams, but it was definitely a good investment for future development and knowledge. Not to mention, a fun experience to be spent together as friends.

On the first round, Atma 1 became CG while Atma 2 became OG at the same chamber under the motion “As Syrian Opposition Council, we should reconcile with Bashar Al Ashad in order to progress with the Syrian conflict resolution”. They faced other two teams from ITB alumni and Binus. It came out that Atma A got 2nd position while Atma B got 4th position. Without any break, we then continue to a more unorthodox debate of round 2 under the motion “THW move Indonesia’s centre of governance from Jakarta”. It was a quite devastating round for both teams of ADC since Atma A got 3rd position after being OO facing 2 UI teams and BIPEDS. Atma B also didn’t get much luck as they got 4th position in this round after also being OO. It seemed that this type of motion isn’t what both teams were usually trained under. With this fall, we were finally given a lunch break with quite nice traditional fried chicken and nasi uduk. The spirit was up again to face another new round. Third round was an even more interesting one. With “Dexter” (from TV serial) as the opening video, it brought us to the motion “THW euthanize children who have a strong tendency of developing psychopathy”. It was a comeback debate for Atma A as they came out 1st while being OG facing opponents from Jember, BIPEDS, and SEF ITB alumni. For Atma B, it was another round for learning from unorthodox and challenging motion though they got 4th while being CG. The last round started around 4 o’clock. With exhaustion and whatever energy remained, we went on debating under the motion “THW apply a threshold of education as a prerequisite for parenthood”. Both Atma A and Atma B became CO. It was a silent round, leaving everyone anxious and curious about the result. The result was finally announced at around 6. With worry and impatience, it was a wonderful surprise for Atma A as they came out breaking 7th to the quarter final, managed to get 2nd position on that last round. As for Atma B, the experience, learning process, and start up in this competition would be their investment for future achievements and glory.

After celebrating and resting properly, Atma A was faced with their quarter final battle on the next day. It was a feminism debate under the motion “THBT third world feminism should call for sex strike as a form of political protest”. This was a fierce round for Atma A as they became CG facing duo of UI-BIPEDS, duo of BINUS-PARAMADINA, and UNPAD-ITB combo. The result was waited anxiously as it took such a long time before all of the adjudicators finished conferring. As the result was announced, it was a disappointment for Atma A as they failed to go on to semi final after getting 4th position. The bright side is it was a good way to learn to improve and achieve later in the future.

As for our independent adjudicators, they both first started as trainee. With lots of effort, on round 2, Arif was promoted as panel after his compelling verbal adjudication. He then went on becoming panel adjudicator for round 3 and round 4. Though being nervous about giving his opinion during conferring, Arif managed to deliver his best which finally brought him into one of the breaking adjudicator for elimination rounds. Arif went on adjudicating quarter final and semi final round, managed to face his fear and pushed to the maximum effort. For Shannon, as her first experience being adjudicator, it was a learning experience and a channel to improve. While becoming trainee, she managed to get lots of good feedbacks as well as compliments from more experienced adjudicators.

Since the debate and adjudication was over, another fun part started. Our contingent went on eating cheap and delicious food around ITB, such as lumpia basah and susu murni. While waiting for our train back home, we shared things and created bonds for friendship and togetherness. Though the tournament was over, it wasn’t over for us to keep improving our skills as well as being friends.


ADC’s training


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