ASIAN ENGLISH OLYMPIC 2014 – We’re moving forward!

UntitledHai guys! After a long hiatus, we’re back with new report from Asian EnglishOlympic 2014. AEO is an Asian-scale competition held by Binus University. This year, AEO held was on 18th-22nd February 2014. We sent two teams, Atma A were Anggi Ariskhan (FKIP ’12) and Gabriella Boen (FIA ’13), Atma B were Cindy Fransisca (FE ’10) and Silvya Suwandy (FE ’10). Arif Hambali (FH ’12) was N1 adjudicator and Kario Teguh (FPsi ‘11) was independent adjudicator.


On 18th February, both Arif and Kario taking accreditation test. For this year there’s only written and cv test without debate test due to several reasons come from Adj Core. On 19th February preliminary rounds starts kick-off.

Both Atma A and B close first preliminary day with 7vps from 3 rounds, very well job!

Their journey continues the day after, with 3 more preliminary rounds. It’s a tougher day for both teams because they start to face stronger opponent. Atma B faced International Islamic University Malaysia and National University of Singapore on 5th preliminary, unfortunately they lost. But both teams struggles and not giving up. They try to bounce back in next rounds. Finally breaking announcement and we’re so nervous!

Kario was breaking adjudicator, but sadly Arif don’t broke as adjudicator. Commiserations to Arif who managed to be panel adj from 1st until 5th preliminary round and chairing the last preliminary round.

Better news coming from the team, Atma A broke 3rd to novice semifinal while Atma B broke 9th to main quarter final! Good job guys!

In Novice Semifinal, Atma A was OG, try to defend the motion THW continue spying on your allies. In Main Quarterfinal, Atma B will act as CO facing IIUM A, Bipeds A, and UB A. Unfortunately, both team got 3rd so they don’t proceed to next round. Commiserations for both team because they already work so hard in this year AEO. Thou we’re not bring any trophy home, but this is just a start of 2014.

Lot of competitions to go, we’re not giving up. We’ll learn and develop our skill better!


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