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Grandfinalist of UADC Singapore – EFL Category


“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions”

After 5 months of preparation, finally NTU UADC 2014 happened. Our delegates were Cindy (FE’10), SIlvya (FE’11), Kario (Fpsi’11), and our N1 was Anggi (FKIP’12). UADC is the biggest and most competitive debate championship in Asia that uses Asian Parliamentary format. UADC has two category for its elimination round, the Open Category and EFL (English as Foreign Language) Category.

On the first day, they conducted the accreditation test. Our N1 Anggi managed to score 3 out of 5 in her initial accreditation test, which means she was qualified to be panelist or chair in the 1st preliminary round. Preliminary rounds began the following day. On Round 1 our team faced Univ. Unimsuh Makassar 2, and we managed to claim victory in what was a good debate. On round 2 we were up against NUS 1, Asia’s powerhouse. We lost that round, but we got so much to learn from that round. Round 3 was cancelled due to technicalities, so in conclusion we bagged 1 out of 2 VPs in Day 1. Continue reading



Little did we knew, that this tournament was just the beginning of what was a greater achievement for Atma Jaya Debating Club. Keep reading!


In 24th – 29th April 2014, Atma Jaya Debating Club joined the 17th Asian Law Student Association English Competition (ALSA E-COMP) at University of Indonesia. In addition to the varsity category, there was also separate category for high school.

Our delegates for this competition were :

ATMA A : Cindy Fransisca (FE 2010), Silvya Suwandy (FE 2011), and Kario Teguh Chandra (FP 2011). N1 : Anggi Ariskhan (FKIP 2012)

ATMA B : Marcella Chandra (FP 2012), Julina Aditasya (FP 2013), and Gisella Maudina (FE 2012). N1 : Arif Wijaya Hambali(FH 2012)

And this is the story of our fight. Continue reading