Grandfinalist of UADC Singapore – EFL Category


“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions”

After 5 months of preparation, finally NTU UADC 2014 happened. Our delegates were Cindy (FE’10), SIlvya (FE’11), Kario (Fpsi’11), and our N1 was Anggi (FKIP’12). UADC is the biggest and most competitive debate championship in Asia that uses Asian Parliamentary format. UADC has two category for its elimination round, the Open Category and EFL (English as Foreign Language) Category.

On the first day, they conducted the accreditation test. Our N1 Anggi managed to score 3 out of 5 in her initial accreditation test, which means she was qualified to be panelist or chair in the 1st preliminary round. Preliminary rounds began the following day. On Round 1 our team faced Univ. Unimsuh Makassar 2, and we managed to claim victory in what was a good debate. On round 2 we were up against NUS 1, Asia’s powerhouse. We lost that round, but we got so much to learn from that round. Round 3 was cancelled due to technicalities, so in conclusion we bagged 1 out of 2 VPs in Day 1.

To open up Day 2, we went against Tsinghua university from China on round 3 and we won. On round 4 and 5 we got another strong opponent, San Beda 1 and IIUM 4. Both of the rounds were very close fight, but unfortunately we lost. So we had only 2 vps from 5 matches. Day 3 started, on round 6 we faced ITB 2 and we won that round. On round 7 and 8 we faced HKU2 and CAU 1, once again both of them were close debates but we lost. So from 8 preliminaries round we only got 3 VPs. We were so pessimist, we were not sure we were going to make it to elimination rounds. We came to breaking night party and waited for the announcement. A-core announced the breaking teams and our team wasn’t mentioned. It was a very gloomy night, considering how much effort we put for UADC this year.

Tomorrow morning we were ready to go shopping, trying to forget what was a sad night yesterday. But suddenly our coach Boby told us that we broke 7th on the EFL list and A-core didn’t call on our team last night due to tabulation error. We were so happy we made it but at the same time we’ no longer had any pressure. So we shopped and ate a lot around Orchard area because that day was a free day 😉

Feeling refreshed, we were ready to face the elimination rounds, but this time we had no pressure at all. For us this was only “bonus rounds” so we just needed to pull our best. On quarter we were up against BIPEDS 1, which was proposing the motion. With unanimous decision we advanced to the Semi Final! On semifinal we faced SHUFE, from Shanghai. Again, we opposed the motion but it wasn’t any easier considering the heading of the motion was Economy :s. Once again we had no pressure, we felt like we just had to put our best effort. And then with a split decision of 3-2, we sailed to the EFL Grand Final, WOOT!

On grand final round we acted as Proposition, facing UGM 2. We were so proud to speak in front of so many audience, in a very large auditorium. We put all we can do on stage. Before we had the winners announced, we saw the Open Grand Final round between IIUM 1 and NTU 1, followed with championship dinner. Moment of truth came, and the A-core announced the EFL category achievement. Turned out UGM 2 won. Even though we didn’t win but being UADC EFL category Grand Finalist was indeed, one big achievement for our club. All efforts we put for this competition was paid off. It was not only because of the achievement, but all the lessons and the experience of facing strong opponents made us more mature as individuals and as a team. Hopefully from now on, we’re able to make our club grow stronger and better!


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