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First of all, we would like to thank everyone who already participate in ADC’s selection phase.

After 2 weeks of the first selection phase, we proudly present our Top 70 candidates:

2014-050-104 A.A.A.R Saras
2014-050-024 Abigail Eva K
2014-050-139 Aditya
2014-070-070 Alexandra Fiorentina
2014-070-127 Alfonsus Goutama
2014-070-196 Amanda Amadea
2014-035-027 Anastasia Devina Cicilia
2014-012-146 Andreas Jordi
2014-011-025 Andreas Makmur
2014-050-086 Andrew Prakasa R
2014-050-300 Anindita Indriyanti
2014-012-390 Anna Jati Triastuti
2014-022-053 Antonius Halim
2014-012-231 Budhy Santoso
2014-012-393 Carolina
2014-012-062 Catalina Tarina N
2014-043-167 Christopher Joshua L
2014-012-011 Cindy
2014-070-278 Clara Naava Wijaya
2014-012-438 Clarisa
2014-022-112 Claudia Gabriel
2014-022-008 Claudia Zefanya Agatha
2014-031-047 Dewi
2014-021-016 Dina Epriansi K
2012-021-047 Dionisius
2014-012-424 Donny Mario
2014-011-069 Elisabeth Dwi E
2014-050-141 Enrico Sibarani
2014-050-027 Febrianty Gunawan
2013-011-319 Fiorello Arthur
2013-080-063 Fransisca Amelia
2014-070-332 Gabriella Nadya Goretty
2014-080-013 Harvestianto Gilbert
2014-043-176 Helen Kusumawati
2014-031-025 Hendri
2013-041-069 Hodik Chaiyadi
2014-050-061 I Gusti Made Rajendra
2014-012-084 Ivana Natalia
2014-050-256 Jeremy Aprilian
2014-050-096 Joshua Suherman
2014-031-003 Jovita Gianina
2014-050-067 Kaleb Oswal Siahaan
2014-031-023 Khairunnisa Rahayo 
2014-070-013 King Indrawan
2014-080-085 Lucia Winona Hajihary
2014-050-083 Luh Putu Dyah
2014-022-029 Maharani Annisa
2013-021-036 Marcel Liawnardo
2013-011-229 Mega Christina
2014-050-210 Muhamad Abdurahman A
2014-012-041 Neyssia
2014-050-197 Praniti Putri Mirza
2014-050-041 Primadewi Darsuandi
2014-031-027 Regina
2014-012-422 Richard Lay
2014-080-029 Richard Tjeng
2014-050-237 Sabrina Christina Santoso
2012-050-148 Sandy Rio
2014-050-263 Satria Soaloon
2014-070-060 Selly Wijaya
2014-012-153 Septia Natasya
2014-050-006 Shannon
2014-050-261 Siberio Adry Marhan
2014-070-071 Talitha Yohana
2014-070-253 Tasya Adelheid
2014-080-028 Tiffany C
2014-050-189 Vazza Muyassir
2014-050-169 Vienna F. H. Kusumobroto
2014-022-044 Yohannes Brahmaputra P.S
2012-012-093 Yosefina Selvy


Congratulations guys! But you still need to go through interview phase & PD AJA to officially become our member.

For those of you who didn’t make it through, please don’t hesitate to try again next year! We are still waiting for you 🙂

Please contact

Marcella (081293972708)

Arif (08999943850)

to reconfirm your interview schedule.

See you at interview round!





“Some epilogue come from some other prologue”

“Every new beginings come from some other’s ends”


Last June, we had our vacation together to Puncak for 3 days and 2 nights. Consolidation is an annual event for us to have a sit back and relax for days, for a moment be fully free and forget almost all of our responsibilities awaits in Jakarta. Continue reading


ADC does not only have annual National debate competition, AtmaJaya Inter Varsity. We also have internal debate competition for AtmaJaya students using Bahasa Indonesia which is called KOMBAT (Kompetisi Debat).

KOMBAT was held on 8 and 11 November 2013. Before KOMBAT, we had a debating seminar on Wednesday, 7 November 2013. The seminar was brought by Richard Hanjaya. The seminar ran smoothly and the participants looked really excited to learn more about debate.

Back to KOMBAT, our co-CAs were Kario Teguh Chandra (FPsi 2011) and Febrilina (FTb 2012). We had 3 prelims to choose the best two teams for Final. They were Arista-Imanuel-Jordy and Andonius-Fransisca-Albert. Continue reading

18th Java Overland Varsity English Debate


We may not have been in our best form at this competition, but we sure are heading to that.

We sent our delegates to the 18th Java Overland Varsity English Debate at IKIP PGRI Semarang. Our delegates were Febrilina (FTB 2012), Arif Wijaya (FH 2012), Anggi Ariskhan (FKIP 2012) and N1-Judge :Silvya Suwandy (FE 2011)

On 20thJune 2014, our N1 Silvya took an accreditation test. The test was both a written test and a verbal adjudication test after a demo debate. The accreditation result would be announced the next day.

The next day, in the first round, Atma A (Gov) met POLINES B (Opp) under the motion : THBT The Indonesia Education system should stop using gender stereotypes (i.e. ibu pergi ke pasar, ayah pergi ke kantor, narration text books, teachers discouraging boys to play with dolls or girls to climb trees, separated skirt-pants uniform). With unanimous decision, Atma A won that round. Silvya went to be a panel in the round.

In the second round, Sanata Dharma B (Gov) met Atma A (Opp) under the motion :THBT feminists should call name and shame women who become home-wreckers. We won the round.

In the third round, Atma A (Gov) met UI A (Opp) under the motion :In times of recession, THW form a commission comprising of independent economic experts and grant them only the right to pass economic policies. With unanimous decision, Atma A lost.

In the fourth round, Atma A (Gov) met IPB C (Opp) under the motion : THBT Athlete should be allowed to show their political expression in playing field. The result was Atma A won that round. So until the end of second day, Atma A had 3 VPs.

The third day, in the fifth round, ITB B (Gov) met Atma A (Opps) under the motion : THBT Sex education in school should actively promote same sex exploration.Atma A lost that round.

In the last round, UGM B (Gov) met Atma A (Opps) under the motion : As ASEAN, THW renounce its ownership claim over South China Sea islands and focus on improving regional energy cooperation instead. The last round was silent round. So participant would know the result after breaking announcement.

Congratulations Atma Jaya, broke 16th with 3VPs!

In the next day, Atma A as Government, proceed to Octofinal round to meet Brawijaya University as Opposition under the motion : Assuming the technology feasibility, THW allow soldier to eliminate their ability to feel fear.

But sadly, the result was that Atma A lost the round.

We may not have been in our best form at this competition, but we sure are heading to that.



Atma Jaya Intervarsity (ATMA IV) is an annual British Parliamentary debate competition held by Atma Jaya Debating Club and Atma Jaya Catholic University. This tournament is open for all Indonesian varsity students. This year is the second edition of Atma IV, led by Arif Wijaya (FH 2012) as Convener.. Held on 2-4 May 2014, Atma IV 2014 came with tagline “Defy Your Limit”. From that tagline, Atma IV 2014 tried to be a unique competition where every participant could defy their limit to be better in every round.

As the organizing committee of Atma IV 2014, Atma Jaya Debating Club tried their best to prepare and organize this event. Beside that we had a great Adjudication Core that successfully made ATMA IV a great competition for every participant. Our adjudication core was led by Cindy Fransisca (from Atma Jaya University) and her deputies were Boby Andika Ruitang (University of Indonesia), Erwina Salsabila (Gadjah Mada University) and Kario Teguh Chandra (Atma Jaya University).

Atma IV 2014 saw great enthusiasm from active Indonesian debating houses, namely University of Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Paramadina University, Binus University, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, and Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa.

In the first day of ATMA IV, the committee came at 6 o’clock to prepare a 9-o’clock registration. We began this tournament with a debating seminar that our Adjudication core delivered. After that, it continued with an accreditation test for N1 Adjudicator comprised a written test and a verbal adjudication test after an exhibition debate. The committee ended this day with evaluation of the first day and discussion for tomorrow.

In the second day until its last day, the 5 preliminary rounds of Atma IV 2014 began.

We held a breaking announcement in Yustinus 14th floor where UI A, ITB, UGM A, SADHAR A, UI B, UGM B, SADHAR B, and UPH proceed to elimination round.

The motion for Semi Final round was :A new scientific finding has discovered a very compelling evidence that completely disproves the existence of God. As the state, THW prohibit the publishing of the research. After what were two excellent debates, we saw UI A, ITB, UPH, and UGM A proceeding to Grand Final round.

Finally for the Grand Final round of ATMA IV 2014, it was a great round because UI A and ITB on Government bench would meet UPH and UGM on Opposition bench. The motion for Grand Final round of ATMA IV 2014 was “THW make promises made by political candidates during their campaigns legally binding”. It was a strong and interesting debate. .

Congratulations for University of Indonesia as the champion of ATMA IV 2014 and for ITB as the 1st Runner Up of ATMA IV 2014.

Thank you Kompas Gramedia, Zecca Watch, Bank BNI, and Nanzka Print as our official sponsor partners,

Thank you all participants, we hope you had a great time! Also, big thanks to all committees for your hard work, togetherness, time, energy to organize ATMA IV 2014.

Cheer up and see you in ATMA IV 2015!

AlsaUnpad E-Challenge 2014


“We’re not, and never giving up”

On March, 1st to 3rd, we competed in Alsa E-Challenge 2014. Alsa E-Challenge is an annual nation-scale competition that was hosted by Padjajaran University, Bandung. We sent two teams there, Atma A comprised Cindy Fransisca (FE ’10), Kario Teguh (FPsi ‘11) and Silvya Suwandy (FE ’10). Atma B comprised Marcella Chandra (FPsi ’12), Angela Natalia (FE ’13) and Julina Adistasya (FPsi ’13). Beside them, Richard Sanjaya (FE ’08) was also present as an Invited Adjudicator.

The competition started on Saturday, 1st March, with three rounds of Preliminary. In the first round, Atma A (Gov) faced Bipeds (Opp) and Atma B (Gov) faced Binus B (Opp), under the heading of “LAW”. Both teams won this round.

The 2nd round began with Atma A as Opp faced UPI B as Gov, and Atma B as Opp faced UI B as Gov. The heading for this round was “MILITARY”, and Atma A won this round, while unfortunately Atma B lost to UI B.

After that, the competition continued with Atma A (Gov) faced a tougher opponent which was UnparA (Opp), and Atma B (Gov) faced UPH B (Opp) under the heading of “SEX”. Unfortunately, both teams lost this round.

By the end of the 1st day, team A was on 2 VP, while team B was on 1 VP.

The 2nd day started with 4th preliminary round, with Atma A (Gov) faced UI A (Opp), and Atma B (Opp) faced UN Makasar (Gov). The heading of this round was “MEN”. Both Round 4 and Round 5 were silent rounds. On the 5th round, Atma A as Opp faced ITB A as Gov, and Atma B as Opp faced Unpad A as Gov, under the heading of “City Planning”.

After that, the nerve-breaking break before breaking announcement began.


Atma A broke 3rd with 4 VPs and Atma B broke 14thwith 3 VPs. In Octofinal Round both teams would be facing each other.

So, the Octofinal round began with Atma B acted as Gov and Atma A as Opp. The debate of that round was under the heading of Environment with motion “THS The Declaration of the Rights of Great Apes”. After the round finished, the result came out with Atma B lost to Atma A. Though Atma B couldn’t continue the game, we would like to congratulate the team for their efforts.

So, Atma A continued their journey to Quarterfinal round that day. They faced Unpar B, who acted as Opp under the heading of “In a Parallel Universe”. Our team won the round, so they would compete in the Semifinal round.

The last day of competition began with semifinal round, where Atma A faced Unpar A. Atma A acted as Gov and Unpar A as Opp, under the heading of “Global Informed Citizens” with motion “As ICC, THW Prosecute US for their extra judicial killing done by drones”. After a long wait, the announcement came with a sad news that Atma A lost the round with a 5-2 split. Although the team didn’t proceed further, we would like to still praise them for their achievement, they had worked hard and great.

We would also like to congratulate Cindy Fransisca as 2nd best speaker of the competition.

We didn’t win this competition, but this is not the end of our journey cause’ we’re not (and never) giving up. We’ll work harder, so see you in the next game.