AlsaUnpad E-Challenge 2014


“We’re not, and never giving up”

On March, 1st to 3rd, we competed in Alsa E-Challenge 2014. Alsa E-Challenge is an annual nation-scale competition that was hosted by Padjajaran University, Bandung. We sent two teams there, Atma A comprised Cindy Fransisca (FE ’10), Kario Teguh (FPsi ‘11) and Silvya Suwandy (FE ’10). Atma B comprised Marcella Chandra (FPsi ’12), Angela Natalia (FE ’13) and Julina Adistasya (FPsi ’13). Beside them, Richard Sanjaya (FE ’08) was also present as an Invited Adjudicator.

The competition started on Saturday, 1st March, with three rounds of Preliminary. In the first round, Atma A (Gov) faced Bipeds (Opp) and Atma B (Gov) faced Binus B (Opp), under the heading of “LAW”. Both teams won this round.

The 2nd round began with Atma A as Opp faced UPI B as Gov, and Atma B as Opp faced UI B as Gov. The heading for this round was “MILITARY”, and Atma A won this round, while unfortunately Atma B lost to UI B.

After that, the competition continued with Atma A (Gov) faced a tougher opponent which was UnparA (Opp), and Atma B (Gov) faced UPH B (Opp) under the heading of “SEX”. Unfortunately, both teams lost this round.

By the end of the 1st day, team A was on 2 VP, while team B was on 1 VP.

The 2nd day started with 4th preliminary round, with Atma A (Gov) faced UI A (Opp), and Atma B (Opp) faced UN Makasar (Gov). The heading of this round was “MEN”. Both Round 4 and Round 5 were silent rounds. On the 5th round, Atma A as Opp faced ITB A as Gov, and Atma B as Opp faced Unpad A as Gov, under the heading of “City Planning”.

After that, the nerve-breaking break before breaking announcement began.


Atma A broke 3rd with 4 VPs and Atma B broke 14thwith 3 VPs. In Octofinal Round both teams would be facing each other.

So, the Octofinal round began with Atma B acted as Gov and Atma A as Opp. The debate of that round was under the heading of Environment with motion “THS The Declaration of the Rights of Great Apes”. After the round finished, the result came out with Atma B lost to Atma A. Though Atma B couldn’t continue the game, we would like to congratulate the team for their efforts.

So, Atma A continued their journey to Quarterfinal round that day. They faced Unpar B, who acted as Opp under the heading of “In a Parallel Universe”. Our team won the round, so they would compete in the Semifinal round.

The last day of competition began with semifinal round, where Atma A faced Unpar A. Atma A acted as Gov and Unpar A as Opp, under the heading of “Global Informed Citizens” with motion “As ICC, THW Prosecute US for their extra judicial killing done by drones”. After a long wait, the announcement came with a sad news that Atma A lost the round with a 5-2 split. Although the team didn’t proceed further, we would like to still praise them for their achievement, they had worked hard and great.

We would also like to congratulate Cindy Fransisca as 2nd best speaker of the competition.

We didn’t win this competition, but this is not the end of our journey cause’ we’re not (and never) giving up. We’ll work harder, so see you in the next game.


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