Atma Jaya Intervarsity (ATMA IV) is an annual British Parliamentary debate competition held by Atma Jaya Debating Club and Atma Jaya Catholic University. This tournament is open for all Indonesian varsity students. This year is the second edition of Atma IV, led by Arif Wijaya (FH 2012) as Convener.. Held on 2-4 May 2014, Atma IV 2014 came with tagline “Defy Your Limit”. From that tagline, Atma IV 2014 tried to be a unique competition where every participant could defy their limit to be better in every round.

As the organizing committee of Atma IV 2014, Atma Jaya Debating Club tried their best to prepare and organize this event. Beside that we had a great Adjudication Core that successfully made ATMA IV a great competition for every participant. Our adjudication core was led by Cindy Fransisca (from Atma Jaya University) and her deputies were Boby Andika Ruitang (University of Indonesia), Erwina Salsabila (Gadjah Mada University) and Kario Teguh Chandra (Atma Jaya University).

Atma IV 2014 saw great enthusiasm from active Indonesian debating houses, namely University of Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Paramadina University, Binus University, Universitas Sanata Dharma, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, and Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa.

In the first day of ATMA IV, the committee came at 6 o’clock to prepare a 9-o’clock registration. We began this tournament with a debating seminar that our Adjudication core delivered. After that, it continued with an accreditation test for N1 Adjudicator comprised a written test and a verbal adjudication test after an exhibition debate. The committee ended this day with evaluation of the first day and discussion for tomorrow.

In the second day until its last day, the 5 preliminary rounds of Atma IV 2014 began.

We held a breaking announcement in Yustinus 14th floor where UI A, ITB, UGM A, SADHAR A, UI B, UGM B, SADHAR B, and UPH proceed to elimination round.

The motion for Semi Final round was :A new scientific finding has discovered a very compelling evidence that completely disproves the existence of God. As the state, THW prohibit the publishing of the research. After what were two excellent debates, we saw UI A, ITB, UPH, and UGM A proceeding to Grand Final round.

Finally for the Grand Final round of ATMA IV 2014, it was a great round because UI A and ITB on Government bench would meet UPH and UGM on Opposition bench. The motion for Grand Final round of ATMA IV 2014 was “THW make promises made by political candidates during their campaigns legally binding”. It was a strong and interesting debate. .

Congratulations for University of Indonesia as the champion of ATMA IV 2014 and for ITB as the 1st Runner Up of ATMA IV 2014.

Thank you Kompas Gramedia, Zecca Watch, Bank BNI, and Nanzka Print as our official sponsor partners,

Thank you all participants, we hope you had a great time! Also, big thanks to all committees for your hard work, togetherness, time, energy to organize ATMA IV 2014.

Cheer up and see you in ATMA IV 2015!


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