“Some epilogue come from some other prologue”

“Every new beginings come from some other’s ends”


Last June, we had our vacation together to Puncak for 3 days and 2 nights. Consolidation is an annual event for us to have a sit back and relax for days, for a moment be fully free and forget almost all of our responsibilities awaits in Jakarta.

Basically, we had nothing to do and just chillin in the villa, playing games, and just had a good convo with other members.

We had fun, but we also had this consolidation as an epilogue for some people, meanwhile it is a prologue to other ones. There are goodbyes and new hello for one year ahead and we had that chance to actually had fun together, before it all ends, and new BOE begins.

It’s actually priceless to have these people you can actually talk about everything, joke about everything, laugh with, cry with, and it’s no weird at all.

Thank you, ADC. More than words can tell.



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