ADC does not only have annual National debate competition, AtmaJaya Inter Varsity. We also have internal debate competition for AtmaJaya students using Bahasa Indonesia which is called KOMBAT (Kompetisi Debat).

KOMBAT was held on 8 and 11 November 2013. Before KOMBAT, we had a debating seminar on Wednesday, 7 November 2013. The seminar was brought by Richard Hanjaya. The seminar ran smoothly and the participants looked really excited to learn more about debate.

Back to KOMBAT, our co-CAs were Kario Teguh Chandra (FPsi 2011) and Febrilina (FTb 2012). We had 3 prelims to choose the best two teams for Final. They were Arista-Imanuel-Jordy and Andonius-Fransisca-Albert.

In Final, they debated under the motion: “Dewan ini akan menghapuskan sistem veto dalam PBB”.

Acting as government, Arista-Imanuel-Jordy managed to defend the motion and became the winner of KOMBAT 2013. Andonius-Fransisca-Albert became the Runner Up. Andonius was also the Best speaker of KOMBAT 2013.

Congratulations for all the winners and best speaker!

KOMBAT’s committee are really glad for all the hard work and nice debates brought by you guys.


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