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Newbies 2014


Newbies UI 2014 was quite an achievement for ADC since all three teams managed to break into the elimination round and one of contingent, Nadya managed to become 10th best speakers. ATMA A who consisted of Gabriella Nadya, Sabrina, and Clarisa topped the achievement after becoming quarter finalist at the competition. While both ATMA B, consisted of Ruben, Cindy Cea, and Jovita, as well as ATMA C, consisted of Vienna, Donny, and Claudia Zefanya, successfully became octofinalists.

During the preliminary rounds, ATMA A acted as both government and opposition twice, facing UNPAM, PHASED UPH C, ITB A, and UNSRI.  Challenged with motion ranging from making teacher’s payment contingent to student’s performance, supporting act of eco terrorism, requiring academic standard for ministers, and castrating repeated sexual offenders, ATMA A slipped only once at the battle with ITB A. After breaking as 6th position, the elimination round was also quite struggle after facing PHASED UPH B at the octo final with an interesting motion about holding public figure responsible for unhealthy lifestyle, continued with facing UI A at quarter final with a quite classic motion about obliging father’s permission for abortion.

As for ATMA B, they acted three times as government and once as opposition at the 4th preliminary round, facing diverse teams such as, President University A, BIPEDS C, UNSRI, and Telkom. ATMA B managed to get 2 VPs after slipping twice during their battle with UNSRI and Telkom. Following the 14th break to elimination round, it was also not much of a luck either after becoming government in a battle with UI A. Fortunately, it is quite a ground for study and experience for all three of them, judging from the interesting motions they get, which are not applying legacy admissions in universities, sanctioning countries who disobey environmental conventions, nationalizing private companies that provide essential goods, castrating repeated sexual offenders, as well as setting a wealth cap for individual.

The last but not the least team, ATMA C, also gained two victories after becoming government and opposition in facing BINUS and IPB A. They also suffered two defeats while acting as government and opposition in the battle with ITB A and TELKOM.  The elimination round was also not their best day after again meeting ITB A and acting as government. However, the 15th break to elimination round and motions surely added up their experiences and spirit for future debate.

As all teams achieve a quite great deal, it is not to be boasted about as they are still plenty of places to improve and become better debaters. Let the achievement only become a motivation to boost our spirits and skills for future achievements.



Hi guys, we proudly present the post you’ve all been waiting for!

Firstly, as this year’s selection team we would like to thank ALL of participants who willingly took time joining the debate, discussion, essay & interview session.

We are doing our best to make sure each of you got the same chances to join our club.

For those of you who didn’t go through, please try again next year! We are waiting for you 🙂

After a very long & hard discussion process, here are our soon-to-be new members!

2014-050-104 A.A.A.R Saras
2014-050-024 Abigail Eva K
2014-050-139 Aditya
2014-070-070 Alexandra Fiorentina
2014-070-127 Alfonsus Goutama
2014-070-196 Amanda Amadea
2014-035-027 Anastasia Devina Cicilia
2014-012-146 Andreas Jordi
2014-011-025 Andreas Makmur
2014-050-086 Andrew Prakasa R
2014-012-390 Anna Jati Triastuti
2014-012-231 Budhy Santoso
2014-012-393 Carolina
2014-012-062 Catalina Tarina N
2014-043-167 Christopher Joshua L
2014-012-011 Cindy
2014-070-278 Clara Naava Wijaya
2014-012-438 Clarisa
2014-022-112 Claudia Gabriel
2014-022-008 Claudia Zefanya Agatha
2014-021-016 Dina Epriansi K
2014-012-424 Donny Mario
2014-050-141 Enrico Sibarani
2014-050-027 Febrianty Gunawan
2013-080-063 Fransisca Amelia
2014-070-332 Gabriella Nadya Goretty
2014-080-013 Harvestianto Gilbert
2014-043-176 Helen Kusumawati
2014-031-025 Hendri
2013-041-069 Hodik Chaiyadi
2014-050-061 I Gusti Made Rajendra
2014-012-084 Ivana Natalia
2014-050-256 Jeremy Aprilian
2014-050-096 Joshua Suherman
2014-031-003 Jovita Gianina
2014-050-067 Kaleb Oswal Siahaan
2014-031-023 Khairunnisa Rahayo
2014-080-085 Lucia Winona Hajihary
2013-021-036 Marcel Liawnardo
2013-011-229 Mega Christina
2014-050-210 Muhamad Abdurahman A
2014-012-041 Neyssia
2014-050-041 Primadewi Darsuandi
2014-012-422 Richard Lay
2014-080-029 Richard Tjeng
Ruben Salim
2014-050-237 Sabrina Christina Santoso
2014-050-263 Satria Soaloon
2014-070-060 Selly Wijaya
2014-012-153 Septia Natasya
2014-050-006 Shannon
2014-070-071 Talitha Yohana
2014-070-253 Tasya Adelheid
2014-080-028 Tiffany C
2014-050-169 Vienna F. H. Kusumobroto
2014-022-044 Yohannes Brahmaputra P.S


In order to officially become our member, you are all OBLIGATED to join Pelatihan Debat Atma Jaya (PD AJA) XVI

19-21 September 2014, Puncak

Please choose one of the shift below for PD AJA preparation briefing:

-Senin 13.00-15.00

-Selasa 09.00-11.00 | 13.00-15.00

-Rabu 13.00-15.00 | 15.00-17.00

& don’t forget to bring Rp. 225.000,- as a registration payment (tidak membawa, tidak boleh ikut briefing)


Bimo (089609989043)

Jessica (089601948432)

Format: Nama / NIM / Shift yang dipilih

contoh: Lulu/ 2014050703/ Senin, 13.00-15.00

See you at PD AJA XVI!