Management Edutainment UNIBRAW 2014

In November 7th-9th 2014, Atma Jaya Debating Club was sent its team to Malang, specifically to Universitas Brawijaya, to join“Management Eduitaiment Debate”. This was a competition which used Asian Parliamentary system but in Bahasa. We sent 2 teams in this tournament that consist of freshman to get as much as experience in debate. Our contingent were :

ATMA A : Febriyanti Gunawan (FH’14), Donny Mario (FE’14), and Alfonsus Gautama (FP’14)

ATMA B : Ivana Natalia (FE’14), Carolina (FE’14), and Anastasia Devina Cicilia (FKIP’14)

Here was the detail of the competition.

In 7th November, our contingent followed the debating seminar that explain how’s the system, the role of each speaker, and the criteria from adjudicator to decide the debate. This seminar was followed by exhibition to show how the debate should do and how adjudicator gave their decision.

In the next day, our contingent faced three preliminary round.

In the first round, UK Petra B (Gov) vs Atma Jaya A (Opp) and Atma Jaya B (Gov) vs Telkom (Opp). Both team debate under the motion “Kehadiran program asuransi dari pemerintah (universal HealthCare , BPJS Kesehatan) akan mematikan industri asuransi swasta”. The result was Atma Jaya A won but sadly Atma Jaya B lost the 1st round.

In the second round, STIE Perbanas (Gov) vs Atma Jaya A (Opp) with the and Institut Pertanian Bogor A (Gov) vs Atma Jaya B (Opp). The result was both Atma Jaya A and Atma Jaya B won this round.

In the third round, which was silent round,Atma Jaya A (Gov) vs Telkom (Opp) and UK Petra B (Gov) vs Atma Jaya A (Opp). But after breaking announcement, we knew that both Atma’s Team was lost in the last preliminary round.

The result after Three Preliminary round was Atma Jaya A broke and proceed to elimination round, but sadly that Atma Jaya B had to stop their journey in this competition.

In the Quarter Final round,Institut Pembangunan Dalam Negeri (IPDN) (Gov) vs Atma Jaya A (Opp), under the motion “Pemasaran produk  Musik melalui materi RBT tidak bersifat prospective”. The result was out of our expectation that Atma Jaya A had to stop in that elimination round.

But overall, we very proud with the effort of our new generation where they have done their best for this competition. They got a good beginning to understand how the debate should go by using bahasa. Lose will knock us down but we can choose to get back up or not !! Good luck guys for your next competition !! God BlessUntitled


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