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IVED 2015

Indonesian Varsity English Debate (IVED) is one of the most prestigious and competitive debate tournament in Indonesia. This year, the competition was held in University of Indonesia (UI) on January, 27th until 31st 2015. We had trained our delegates since 4 months before the competition to make sure they were fully prepared. We sent three teams for this tournament. These were the composition of our team:

  • Team A: Anggi Ariskhan, Marcella and Julina Adistasya, N1: Richard Lay
  • Team B: Richard, Theodorus Nico and Shannon, N1: Donny Mario
  • Team C: Gabriella, Clarissa and Nadya, N1: Aditya

Arif Wijaya Hambali, one of our member, was also there as independent adjudicator.

The first day of the competition started with debating seminar and exhibition. After that, accreditation test for our N1 and Arif was held. The accreditation test was consisted of written test and verbal adjudication test. The result for this test were announced on the following day.

The first preliminary round began on the second day. The competition started with the heading of “Children”. The match up for this round was as follow:

Government Opposition
UI B Atma A
ITB C Atma B
Atma C ITB B

Atma A won while both Atma B and C lost in this round. The second preliminary round continued with prepared motions under the heading of “Micro Economy”. This was the match up for this round:

Government Opposition

In this round, all of our teams managed to win the round. After a brief lunch, the competition continued. For the last round of the day, the heading used was “Music”. and the match up was as follow:

Government Opposition

Sadly, all of our teams lost in this round. The day wrapped up with Atma A got 2 VPs, Atma B with 1VP and Atma C with 1 VP as well.

For the next day, the competition continued with the 4th preliminary round. The 4th round started with the heading of “Marginalised Community”. and the following match up:

Government Opposition

In this round, all of the teams managed to defeat their opponent. The 5th preliminary round continued with another impromptu motions. The heading was “Education” and the match up was as follow:

Government Opposition

Atma A and B won, while Atma C lost in this round. So currently, Atma A had 4 VPs, Atma B with 3 VPs, while Atma C with 2 VPs. The last preliminary round continued. The heading used for this round was the last remaining heading in the prepared motions, which was “Law” The match up:

Government Opposition

Since this was a silent round, the result remained unknown until the breaking announcement.

The breaking announcement was held at the hotel. After dinner, the breaking announcement started.


So… BREAKING RESULT! Atma A managed to break 15h on the main category, while Atma B also managed to break 3rd in novice category. Arif also managed to break 20th as adjudicator. Sadly, team C and also all of the N1 civedould not continue the competition. Nevertheless, we would like to still appreciated them for their hard work in this competition.

The octofinal round for main category and quarter final round for novice category was held on two days after breaking announcement. For the main category, the heading used on octo final was “Media”. In this round, Atma A as opposition faced UGM A as government. For novice category, the quarter final round continued with the heading of “Sexuality”. Atma C competed against IPB B for this round. After lunch, the announcement was held.

Glady, ATMA B won against IPB B in the previous round, but sadly Atma A lost to UGM A so they could not continue any further. We would like to thank Team A for what they’ve achieved on this competition. They managed to finally put ADC’s name into the main breaking list 🙂

SO…, the competition for ATMA B continued in the semifinal round. In this round, they faced STAN A under the heading of “Religion”. The result for this round was ….. VICTORY for ATMA B. Team B managed to proceed into the final round for novice category. (YAY!)

For final round, team B competed against BINUS B. The heading used for this round was “Indonesia”. ATMA B was acted as opposition while BINUS B as government. The motion was “THBT the Indonesian Chief of Police (Kapolri) should be directly elected by its members.” After waiting for hours, the announcement for the final round finally began.

Unfortunately, ATMA B lost in the final round. So, ATMA B became the 1st runner up on this competition. Altho they didn’t win, they have put up their best performance for this, so we would like to congratulate them.


WUDC 2015 Malaysia

WUDC 2015 in Malaysia

This time we joined another international debate competition, WUDC 2015 Malaysia. We sent one team to compete, which consist of AnggiArishkan and Sylvia Suwandy for EFL category. After a long time of preparation, finally the battle began on Monday, Dec 29th 2014.

In the first round, Atma Jaya acted as OG with the motion TH regrets the decline of tightly integrated family. We got 4th position in this round.

Round 2

Motion OG OO CG CO
THBT environmental movements should support climate engineering that fundamentally alters the environment, in an attempt to combat global warming BIHE A Tokyo UFS A Swing A Atma Jaya

We got 3rd position in this round.

Round 3

Motion OG OO CG CO
THBT in areas of socio-economic deprivation, schools should train students in vocational skills to the exclusion of liberal arts Namibia Polytechnic A Swing B Atma Jaya Mashal A

We got 1st position in this round.

Round 4

Motion OG OO CG CO
THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes Springboard A Atma Jaya Seoul NUDA A Morehouse B

We got 4th position in this round.

Round 5

Motion OG OO CG CO
THBT the international community should cut off Internet access in Syria Premier Chittagong A Ghana B Atma Jaya Sydney Tech B

We got 2nd position in this round.

Round 6

Motion OG OO CG CO
THBT developing countries should adopt economic development policies that heavily disincentives urbanization Premier Chittagong A Ghana B Atma Jaya Sydney Tech B

We got 3rd position in this round.

Round 7

Motion OG OO CG CO
THW ban the research and production of moral enhancement drugs Atma Jaya Weill-Cornell A Lahore A Chulalongkorn A

We got 4th position in this round.

Round 8

Motion OG OO CG CO
THBT the US and the EU should seek to promote peace by heavily subsidizing Israeli businesses who invest in the Palestinian territories Atma Jaya Masdar A UM Pahang A Kuwait B

We got 2nd position in this round.

Round 9 : this was the last preliminary round, the motion for this round TH, as a medical professional employed by the US military or security services, would, and would encourage others to refuse orders to prove medical treatment to individuals undergoing ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’. We got 4th position in this round.

After 9 rounds of preliminary rounds, it was the time for breaking announcement, but unfortunately we didn’t make it into the breaking list. But we got many experiences and knowledge in this world tournament, which can help us to improve our skill and performance in the next competition. Never give up and keep learning!!