AEO (Asian English Olympic) 2015

2015-06-20 13.28.57

Betting only on one team at Asian English Olympic 2015 proves not to be a mistake, since that one team of Kario and Nico managed to become 1st runner up of the competition. Although going through struggle during practice, it was paid off by the sweet and smooth result of the competition. During five preliminary rounds, Kario and Nico only suffered the no VP 4th position once at round five while acting as closing opposition against a classic motion of banning religious organization from supporting political candidatesin the battle with UGM, UI A, as well as UI B. The rest of the preliminary rounds went well with ending up as 2nd position for three times and 1st position twice.

The first round was a battle between ATMA as CO facing BINUS C, BIPEDS B, and MERIDIAN B under the motion about police force not carrying firearms. The second round was anopportunity as opening opposition to regretting the extravagance of wedding ceremony, facing BOGOR RAYA, KOTA PURA A, and ATMA Yogya. Third round was a switch of position into opening government in defending the motion criminalizing parents that suppress children’s homosexuality against both MERIDIAN C and KOTA PURA C, while trying to not get their case stolen or extended by STIE IT&B. Fourth round was another challenge to prove their capabilities as closing opposition in the battle with BINUS A, SSP, and ATMA Yogya under the motion of supporting eco terrorism toward leader of environment harming company. The last preliminary round again tested them as opening opposition against one of the hot issues about media satire offending religion and ethnicities, battling almost the same opponents which are BINUS A, SSP, and RDU.

After opposing most of the motions during the preliminary rounds, Kario and Nico were obliged to propose all during the elimination rounds as they acted twice as opening government and once as closing government.

It was a happy and full of smile ending for ATMA team at AEO 2015. It is another proof that hard works will be paid off by sweet result at the end.


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