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On February 27th until March 2nd, ADC has just participated in one of ALSA events, ALSA UNPAD E-CHALLENGE 2015. The competition was held Universitas Padjajaran, Bandung, West Java. Three teams representing Atma Jaya were:

ATMA A                                : Marcella Chandra, Julina Adistasya, Anggi Arishkan

ATMA B                                : Arif Wijaya Hambali, Jovita Gianina, Ivana Natalia

ATMA C                               :  Gabriella Rachel Bunyamin, Alfonsus Goutama, Lisa Abi

After team announcement on Dec 22th, each team have been prepared and trained for the competition. One day before the big day, on February 26th, the teams went to Bandung by using Travel car. The competition demand each teams to go through 5 preliminary rounds, with 3 rounds on day 1, and the remaining preliminary rounds on day 2. These are the results of each teams in each rounds :

Atma A :

Round 1 :        Universitas Negeri Malang (Aff) vs Atma A (Opp)                           : Win

Round 2 :        Atma A (Aff) vs Universitas Gajah Mada (Opp)                               : Win

Round 3 :        Atma A (Aff) vs Universitas Indonesia B (Opp)                               : Lose

Round 4 :        Atma A (Aff) vs Institut Teknologi Bandung C (Opp)                     : Lose

Round 5 :        Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia A (Aff) vs Atma A(Opp)            : Win

Atma B :

Round 1 :        Atma B (Aff) vs Universitas Padjajaran B (Opp)                              : Win

Round 2 :        Atma B (Aff) vs Universitas Bina Nusantara (Opp)                          : Lose

Round 3 :        Atma B (Aff) vs Universitas Parahyangan B (Opp)                           : Lose

Round 4 :        Atma B (Aff) vs Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (Opp)     : Lose

Round 5 :        Universitas Padjajaran (Aff) vs Atma B (Opp)                                  : Lose

Atma C :

Round 1 :        Politeknik Manufaktur (Aff) vs Atma C (Opp)                                  : Win

Round 2 :        Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (Aff) vs Atma C (Opp)                         : Lose

Round 3 :        Atma C (Aff) vs Telkom (Opp)                                                          : Win

Round 4 :        Bina Nusantara B (Aff) vs Atma C (Opp)                                         : Lose

Round 5 :        Atma C (Aff) vs Universitas Padjajaran B (Opp)                              : Win

After 5 rounds of preliminary rounds, Atma A and Atma C then continue to the Octofinal round. Sadly, Atma C could only be in the competition until the Octofinal round, and Atma A should stop their journey in the quarterfinal round.


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