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Aku Untuk Indonesia 2015

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The annual Aku Untuk Indonesiaku was held again on 24th– 26th April 2015 at Universitas Kristen Petra, Surabaya. ADC sent one team to compete in the tournament. The team consisted of Kario (Psychology’11), Anggi (Education and Language’12), and Lisa Abi (Economy and Business’10).

On the first day, there were 4 preliminary rounds. Atma Jaya was government for three times in the first three rounds. In the fourth round, Atma Jaya was on opposition side. Both round 3 and 4 were silent.

Atma Jaya broke to the elimination rounds. Atma Jaya was 1st on the list with clean sweep of 4 VPs. Atma team beat all 4 teams they met in prelims.

Atma team faced AEC A in Octofinal and debated under the heading of social movements. Atma A managed to beat AEC A and proceed to the Quarterfinal. In Quartefinal, Atma Jaya went against UB B under the heading of economy. It was a really close debate but Atma Jaya won the round.

In the Semifinal, Atma Jaya faced UGM B. Atma Jaya was the opposition team and debated under the heading of International Relations. Once again, Atma won and advanced to Grandfinal.

Atma Jaya had to fight against UGM A in the Grandfinal with motion about Indonesian Politics. However, Atma lost to UGM A.

Atma got 2nd place in AUI 2015. Atma debaters also got top 10 Best Speakers Award with Kario on 2nd position and Anggi on 6th position.

Even though Atma Jaya team didn’t manage to get the ultimate trophy, it was a memorable tournament. All members had so much fun and got new experiences which will enrich their knowledge in debating even more.

AUI 2015 was a good fight. Cheers to more fun and competitions ahead!


ALSA UI 2015


In 23rd – 28th April 2015, Atma Jaya Debating Club joined the 18th Asian Law Student Association English Competition (ALSA E-COMP) at University of Indonesia. In addition to the varsity category, there was also separate category for high school.

ADC delegates for this competition were :


Hiskia Ginting, Bimo Bismakara, and Shannon.

Theodorus Nico (N1)


Jovita Gianina, Cindy Alamsyah, and Clarisa Sukotjo

Richard Lay (N1)

And this is the story of our fight.

In 24th April, Nico and Richard took an accreditation test, which was both written test and verbal adjudication for the test debate. The result was announced the following day before the 1st preliminary round started. Throughout this competition, Nico were assigned as Chair in all high school preliminary round, and as panel in varsity preliminary round. This result in Nico breaking 5th N1. As for Richard, he was assigned as panel in all of high school preliminary round, and as trainee in all of varsity preliminary rounds. Sadly, Richard did not break N1 in this competition.

In the first round, Atma A (Opp) went against UB (Gov) and Atma B (Opp) went against Binus B (Gov). Both Atma A and Atma B lost their first round.

The next day in the second round, Atma A (Gov) faced IPB B (Opps) and Atma B (Gov) faced Univ. Sriwijaya (opp). Both Atma A and Atma B won their second round.

In the third round, Atma A (Gov) faced IPB A (Opp) and Atma B (Opp) faced Telkom (Gov). Atma B won their match but unfortunately Atma A did not.

The next day, in the fourth round, Atma A (Gov) met EEC Unila (Opp) and Atma B (Gov) met Sampoerna (Opp). Atma B lost but AtmaA won their match.

The fifth round was a silent round. Atma A (Opp) went against Teknokrat B (Gov) andAtma B (Gov) went against UMN (Opp). Both team win the match this round

The result after five preliminary rounds was that both Atma A and Atma B broke to the elimination rounds, in which Atma A broke 16th and Atma B broke 14th.

In the Octo Final, Atma A (Opp) faced UGM A (Opp) and Atma B (Gov) faced ITB A (Opp). The result of Octo Final was that Atma A and Atma B had to end their journey in Octo Final.

Even though both teams can only fight till Octo Final round, Atma A and Atma B have do their best throughout the competition. We all hope that this tournament will be the beginning towards a greater achievement for Atma Jaya Debating Club.