ADC Selection 2015: Final Result


Hello everyone!!

We would like to announce the final result of ADC selection 2015!!

Before proceeding to the list, we, as this year selection’s committee, would like to send our gratitude to all of the participants. We sincerely appreciate your effort and enthusiasm during the whole process of selection, thus we would like to commend you for that! For those who didn’t manage to pass, this does not mean you can not join our club. You can try again next year because we are still waiting for you.

So.., after a long deliberation process, these are the individuals who manage to pass the interview phase:

A. A. Ngr. Ariya Sidartha 2015-050-221
Aldris Prayogo 2015-050-172
Anthia Ratna 2015-031-018
Ardelia Khairina 2015-043-128
Bernadin Randy 2015-012-447
Calvin Varel Havando 2015-081-039
Cassandra Ethania 2015-043-055
Christine Clarissa 2015-012-243
Christopher Purnama 2015-012-061
Cynthia Maura 2015-012-339
Devina Wirawan 2015-081-036
Dimas Priandika 2015-011-231
Elisabeth 2015-080-037
Emily Danti 2015-070-206
Esther 2015-12-26
Esther Dahlia 2015-012-476
Felicia Prasetiadi 2015-021-013
Fengly 2015-012-484
Fransisca Cindy 2015-043-045
Fransiska Larasati 2015-050-062
Frederick Batara 2015-043-169
Gregorius Steven 2015-012-254
Griffin 2015-050-065
Hendry Samuel P 2015-012-062
Ignacio Eric 2015-070-105
Irvin Felix 2015-050-301
Kelvin Abednego 2015-012-324
Kendra Sophie 2015-050-300
Kenny Manurung 2015-050-247
Kerin Christianto 2015-011-091
Lieonardo 2015-012-240
Lika Fennylia 2015-050-291
Livina Septiana 2015-070-082
Meryl Meliantha 2015-070-178
Nathania Angela 2015-070-308
Park Se Rah 2015-050-188
Pius Y. Sactiadi 2015-050-306
Ray Fabian 2015-070-122
Redantaprila Siaga 2015-012-222
Regina Benedicta 2015-012-343
Ridani Faulika 2015-050-064
Robby Yustisio 2015-050-295
Sharlene 2015-080-062
Shirley 2015-021-049
Soniawanti Susanto 2015-012-371
Vabindra Bimasvara 2015-021-079
Valeria Christie Ayu 2015-050-124


In order to complete your selection phase, you are OBLIGATED to join Pelatihan Debat Atma Jaya (PD AJA) XVII. It will be conducted on September, 4th to 6th 2015.

All the information regarding that event will be notified through the briefing session of PD AJA XVII. You can choose your briefing schedule through this link:

That is all, thank you. See you at PD AJA XVII!





ADC Selection Committee 2015


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