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IVED 2016

It’s time ! Ived is here, for this competition we sent two teams that have train really hard.

  • Team A : Eric, Vina, Hendry with N1 Irvin
  • Team B : Chris, Dimas, Ariya with N1 : Gabriella

The competetion started as usual with debating seminar and exhibition, and continued with accreditation for our N1. The accreditation result will be announced on the following day, the same day as the debating competition started. Then the next day came and the debating competiton started, our N1 Gabriella are chosen as a panel adjudicator, and Irvin as a trainee adjudicator. Here comes the match up

Round 1

Gov Opp
Telkom Atma A
Atma B Bipeds A

Round 2

 Gov Opp
Atma A Unpad B
Atma B Teknokrat A

Round 3

Gov Opp
UNY Atma A
UKB B Atma B

Round 4

Gov Opp
Atma A Sadhar A
Bipeds B Atma B

Round 5

Gov Opp
Atma A Teknokrat B
Strikers Bali Atma B

Round 6

Gov Opp
Atma A ITS
Atma B Teknokrat B


Unfortunately both of our team did not break. All things said, they still do their best and fight untill the last second. But the good news is our N1 Gabriella Break on the 33rd position ! Better luck next time guys.