AUI 2016

AUI (Mar 19, 2016)

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku is held again on Mar 19 2016, ADC sent two teams to compete in the tournament. They are Anggi (Fkip’12), and Kario (Fpsi’11) as Atma A, and Tasya (Fpsi’13), Febri (Ftb’12) as Atma B. On the first day, there were 4 preliminary rounds, and round 3 and 4 were silent round. And here are the match up:

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

1                      Teknokrat C                UI A                            Atma A                       Swing

Petra D                        Petra B                         UB B                           Atma B

2                      Teknokrat A                Atma B                       Uma                           Teknokrat

Unsoed A                    Its A                            Its B                             Atma A

3                      Atma B                       UB C                           UGM A                          UNAIR A

Binus A                       Atma A                          UB A                          UGM C

4                       Atma A                       Binus A                       Atma B                       UGM B


Atma jaya A was break 4th with 9Vps, and Atma jaya B at 10th position with 8Vps. And in the next day go to quarterfinal, and the match up are

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

Quarter         ITS B                          UGM A                       Petra B                         Atma A

Unair A                       UAD A                       Atma A                       Ugm B

Semi                UB B                           Binus A                       Atma A                     UGM A

UB A                          UGM D                       UGM B                       Atma B

Final                UGM B                       Binus A                       Atma A                       Atma B

Atma jaya A got 1st runner up, and Atma B got 3rd runner up in this competition. Thank you for your hard work guys!



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