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ALSA UI 2016

Hey guys it’s this time of the year again ! It’s ALSA UI time ! we sent two teams there the first team consist of Chiristin, Esther, and Vina with the N1 Shannon. Our second team are Cipur, Ariya, and Emily with N1 Hiskia, and we have Griffin as independent adjudicator. For this competition our delegates train hard, and they held a training camp for this competition, after a long and hars day of training, finnaly D-Day has come. Here is the match up for Alsa UI.

Gov Opp
EEC Unila Atma A
Prasmul A Atma B


Gov Opp


Gov Opp
Atma A FH UB
EEC Unila Atma B


Gov Opp
Akmil Atma A
Atma B Teknokrat


Gov Opp
Atma A UMN B
Atma B Teknokrat A


After a very long phase of debating, the breaking announcement came up. First up is N1 break, Shannon manage to break 9th! But unfortunately Griffin and Hiskia did not break. Debaters break, our team Atma B manage to break 10th and proceed to octofinals, but sadly Atma A did not break. Finally Atma B have to stop at octofinal facing IPB A. Regardless of the result, we are very proud of you guys, good luck for the next competition guys !