NUDC ( May 25, 2016)


This competition is held on may, 2016  in Universitas Kristen Indonesia (UKI). Our contingents are Nico (FE’13), Tasya (Fpsi’13), and Vina (Fpsi’15) as N1. Here is the match up :

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

1                      Pancasila                     Atma                           Esa Unggul                 Budi Luhur

2                      Atma                           Bunda Mulia               UI                                LP3I

3                      STIE Trisakti               UKI                             Binus                           Atma

After 3 rounds of preliminary rounds, tasya and nico got 5th breaking positions, and nico is in 9th best speaker position. Unfortunately our NI didn’t break, well you already giving your best guys. Our team move to semifinal in the next day, but unfortunately our team didn’t make it through the final.



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