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UADC Bangkok 2016

UADC ( jun 1, 2016)

Our delegates for UADC 2016 in Bangkok were Febri (FTB’12), Anggi (FKIP’12), Tasya (Fpsi’13), and our N1 was Nico (FE’13).  UADC is the biggest and most competitive debate championship in Asia that uses Asian Parliamentary format. UADC has two category for its elimination round, the Open Category and EFL (English as Foreign Language) Category.

On the first day, our N1 conducted the accreditation test. Our N1 was qualified to be panelist, the 1st preliminary round. Preliminary rounds began the following day.

Round                         Gov                             Opp

  1.                          Atma Jaya A vs         SMU C
  2.                          Atma Jaya A vs         NTU B
  3.                          Atma Jaya A vs         SDS
  4.                          Atma Jaya A vs         ITB C
  5.                          Atma Jaya A vs         ITB A
  6.                          Atma Jaya A vs         Binus A
  7.                                      PCU B vs         Atma A
  8.                          Atma Jaya A vs         KPU-PT A

After 8 rounds of preliminary rounds, Unfortunately our team didn’t make it to the EFL break, also for adjudicator breaking our adjudicator didn’t make it to the breaking list. But overall you did a great job guys, thank you for your hard work.