ADC 2016 – TOP 60

Hello everyone! First of all, we would like to thank all participants for the enthusiasm. All of you been doing great, but sad to announce that only 60 of you with the highest selection score could proceed to the interview phase.
p.s. In order to officially become our member, you need to go through the second phase of our selection, which is the interview phase.
So here are the list of 2016’s top 60 (in no particular order) :
Abigail Nathania Limarga 2016-070-019
Adrian Fiantio 2016-012-203
Anastasia Bela N 2016-021-030
Andhi 2016-070-046
Andri Cakramihardja 2016-043-051
Angela Nadia 2015-012-179
Anna Emilyn S S 2015-012-478
Antonio Lourantio 2016-050-063
Aprilia Shidaputri 2016-070-190
Calvin Fernandes 2016-043-062
Celine Olivia 2016-080-047
D Shelinda Putri 2016-043-067
Darren Osmond 2016-013-022
Darwin Mulyo Heryadi 2016-012-160
Denys 2016-043-060
Dini Setiany 2016-012-119
Don Dearando 2015-012-526
Dyah Ayu Permatasari 2016-070-167
Frederica Dinda R 2016-012-308
Garryan Novanto 2016-011-001
Gerald Alvino Fugen 2016-050-042
Hanna Theresia D 2015-012-242
Hervina Wijaya 2015-012-462
Ivan Nara 2015-070-214
James Handoyo 2016-041-011
Jason August Wisata 2016-043-029
Jesslyn Nathania 2015-012-303
Jose Norman Puji 2016-050-070
Karina Stefanie 2016-050-044
Katherine 2016-070-186
Keshia Eastera 2015-050-335
Linda Benita 2016-070-195
Lintang Rogokhi 2016-050-034
Lydia Natalia 2015-012-378
Madeleine Claudya 2016-050-064
Marcella Rizkiana 2016-022-020
Marco Fracisco 2016-021-016
Margareth Stefi 2016-070-062
Maria Septi Andari 2016-012-059
Maria Virginia Pangaribawani 2016-031-002
Marie Theressa Plate 2016-013-004
Meilissa Wibisono 2016-043-030
Nadia Salma 2016-012-033
Naomi Hanalisa 2016-070-234
Natasha Michelle Martin 2015-012-389
Natasha Princessa 2015-012-019
Nathania Jocelin 2016-070-022
Nicholas Felim 2016-080-037
Olivia 2016-022-012
Patricia Saskia 2016-070-013
Patricio Kresnatama 2016-080-027
Quinn Lukman 2015-050-285
Rebecca Victoria Mulyo 2016-080-038
Santi 2016-011-147
Silviana Chandra 2016-070-083
Silviana Gunarsih 2016-012-101
Soraya Vioglenna Florencia 2016-022-079
Syifa Fauziah 2016-031-034
Tjin Wahyu 2016-031-013
Trisha Aldania 2016-050-043
Vincent Leonardo Huang 2016-012-025
William Cokro 2016-012-005


For those who pass, you need to select your interview schedule through this link before tonight at 12pm.
Please make sure you fill out your interview schedule and reconfirm it to us.
And, for those of you who didn’t make it through, cheer up and please don’t hesitate to try again next year!
For further information, contact us at : Cindy (087776340138) –sms/wa


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