JOVED 2016

This year JOVED was held on 12-16 August 2016 in Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya. Of course, Atma Jaya Debating Club participated in this prestigious event!! Our delegates for team A were Tasya (Fpsi’13), Nico (FE’13), Alfonsus (Fpsi’14) and Bimo (FE’13) as N1. Our team B were Vina (Fpsi’15), Sonia (FE’15), Christine (FE’15), and Devina (FTb’15) as N1. Here is the match up


Round  1

Gov                          Opp

Atma A                 UAJY B

UB B                       Atma B

Round 2

Gov                          Opp

Atma A                  POLSRI A

Atma B                  UNPAR C

Round 3

Gov                            Opp

UGM A                     Atma A

Atma B                     AAL A

Round 4

Gov                              Opp

Sadhar A                    Atma A

Atma B                       UnY A

Round 5

Gov                             Opp

Atma A                       Stipram B

Atma B                       UKP B

Round 6

Gov                              Opp

UGM B                        Atma A

BIPEDS B                   Atma B


For our N1 in JOVED 2016, Bimo manage to get panel in round 5&6 but unfortunately Devina was trainee in all round. But overall good job guys! For the break result: Atma A manage to break 5th with 5 vps, unfortunely Atma B and both N1 didn’t manage to go further. But you guys already did great job, keep the spirit on. Better luck next time. Also, congratulations for Atma A.

OctoFinal Match up: Atma A vs UNUD A

QuarterFinal Match up : Atma A vs BIPEDS A

Unfortunately Atma A didn’t make it through semifinal, but afterall a very good effort by Atma A. Good luck for the next competition guys!

We also want to congratulate Nico for snatching the 9th best speaker of JOVED 2016, well done! Eventhough it was a hard competition but we didn’t forget to have fun, we also went to karaoke and Suroboyo Carnival Park after the competition had finished. JOVED 2016 gave us new experience!




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