GMDT 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the annual Gadjah Mada Debating Tournament! Different from previous years, this year GMDT used BP system.


The four teams we sent this year consist of  Shannon (FH ’14) and Esther (FE ’15) for ATMA 1, Christoper Purnama (FE ’15) and Ariya Sidharta (FH ’15) for ATMA 2, Christine Clarissa (FE ’15) and Esther Dahlia (FE ’15) for ATMA 3, and last but not least Griffin Armando (FH ’15) and Irvin Felix (FE ’15) represented ATMA 4.


The delegates arrived at Jogja, 2 days before the competition which was held on the 5th to 6th of November. During our limited spare time, we had a very fun and enjoyable moments. At night, we went to Alun-Alun Jogjakarta, we had our ‘lesehan’ dinner there, and rode a becak full of lights (must do things when you’re around here). On the following day, we visited the iconic Malioboro to buy some souvenirs and had lunch at the famous Roaster and Bear Café.


And so the competition began on Saturday, the 5th. After facing four challenging motions in four preliminary rounds against several powerhouses’ debaters,  ATMA 1 was the only team who broke with the standing of 12th, holding 7VPs. As for ATMA 2, ATMA 3, and ATMA 4, they got the overall 6VPs, 6VPs, and 4VPs consecutively. Well done for the rest of the team.


The journey for ATMA 1 continued the next day. Eventually, ATMA 1 lost at quarter finals under the motion “THBT racial minorities in the USA should support the Three Strikes Law” with them being the 3rd. But after all, a very good job guys!


Before going back home, we decided to try the famous gelato from Il Tempo Del Gelato which tastes were so good. After all, GMDT 2016 has been very fun and exciting both in competitions and travelling. See you in GMDT 2017, and let’s work harder in another tournaments ahead! Cheers.


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