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IVED 2017

Hello guys! This year, one of the oldest and most prestigious debating competitions in Indonesia, IVED was held on 13-17 January 2017 in Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. Atma Jaya Debating Club managed to send 3 teams for this competition. Our delegates for team A were Nico (FE’13), Shannon (FH’14), Ariya S (FH’15), and Alfonsus (Fpsi’14) as N1. Our team B were Livina S (Fpsi’15), Ray F (Fpsi’15), Irvin F (FT’15), and Cipur (FE’15) as N1. Last but not least, our team C were Abigail  (Fpsi’16), Keshia E (FH’15), AW (FT’16) and Vio (FIlkom’16) as N1. Here is the match up:

                Day 1

Round  1

Gov                                                        Opp

Atma A                                                 Sadhar B

PCU B                                                    Atma B

UNY                                                       Atma C

Round 2

Gov                                                        Opp

UI C                                                        Atma A

Atma B                                                 Mercubuana B

Atma C                                                 Sadhar A

Round 3

Gov                                                        Opp

Atma A                                                 UKSW

PCU A                                                   Atma B

Atma C                                                 Mercubuana A

For our N1, Cipur got promoted into chair in round 3, Apong as panel in all 3 rounds, and Vio as trainee in 3 rounds. As the result of today’s round: Atma A got 3 Vps, Atma B got 1 Vps, Atma C got 1 Vps.

Day 2

Round 4

Gov                                                        Opp

UI B                                                        Atma A

Atma B                                                 IPB B

Teknorat B                                          Atma C

Round 5

Gov                                                        Opp

Atma A                                                 UI B

IPB A                                                     Atma B

UNSOED                                              Atma C

Round 6

Gov                                                        Opp

UI A                                                       Atma A

Sadhar                                                  Atma B

UNNES                                                  Atma C

For our N1, Apong as panel in all 3 rounds. Cipur as chair in round 4 and 5, and as panel in round 6. Vio as trainee in all 3 rounds.

Because round 5 and round 6 were silent round, so Vps count for our team were 4 Vps for Atma A, 2 Vps for Atma B, and 1 Vps for Atma C.

IVED 2017 Breaking Announcement: Atma A managed to break main 6th with 5 Vps. Atma B managed to break main 15th with 4 Vps. Unfortunately Atma C didn’t managed to break. For our N1, Cipur made it to break 22nd and Apong 42nd . Unfortunately Vio didn’t manage to break. Congratulations Atma A, Atma B, Cipur, and Apong. Thank you Atma C and Vio for all hardwork, keep on the spirit guys!

Day 3

Octo Final Match Up

GOV                                                      OPP

Atma A                                                 PCU B

ITB A                                                      Atma B

Atma A won and continued to quarter final. Unfortunately Atma B didn’t win. But over all, thank you Atma B for your effort.

Quarter Final Match Up

GOV                                                      OPP

Atma A                                                 UI B

Unfortunately Atma A didn’t make it through semifinal, but after all a very good effort by Atma A. You guys put up a tremendous fight. We are very proud of you. Good luck for the next competition guys!

We also want to congratulate Vina for snatching top 5th best speaker Novice Category in IVED 2017, well done! We think our teams brought new fortune for ADC in IVED 2017. Eventhough it was a hard competition but they didn’t forget to have fun, they also went to karaoke and had an unforgettable memories! 🙂



On November 5th to 6th, NEWBIES 2016 was held in University of Indonesia. In this competition, we sent our new batch members that consist of Tjin Wahyu (FPB ’16), Keshia Eastera (FH ’15) and Gerald Alvino (FH ’16) for ATMA A, and Jason AW (FT ’16), Patricia Saskia (FPsi ’16), and Naomi Hanalisa (FPsi ’16) debated for ATMA B. Our young delegates prepared and practiced so hard for this competition. After months of training, the day has finally come, and here are the matchups for NEWBIES 2016.


Round 1 :

Gov                                        Opps

UI B                                        ATMA A

ATMA B                                UNPAR C

ATMA A succeed in the first round, unfortunately ATMA B didn’t.


Round 2 :

Gov                                        Opps

ATMA A                                UNPAR C

ATMA B                                BINUS A

In the second round, ATMA B succeed to claim the victory, but sadly ATMA A didn’t.


Round 3 :

Gov                                        Opps

ATMA A                                ITB B

UNPAD B                             ATMA B


Round 4 :

Gov                                        Opps

ATMA A                                SURYA A

UNSOED A                           ATMA B


Both round 3 and round 4 were silent rounds. After facing four preliminary rounds, ATMA B made it to break 6th   with 3 VPs, while ATMA A must fall from breaking with overall 2 VPs.

Unfortunately the journey for ATMA B which acted as opposition ended after a good fight against ITB B in the Quarter Finals. In addition, Saskia snatched the 7th best speaker award. We would like to thank the delegates for their awesome performance and wish them a very good luck for the upcoming competitions.