Salutations, ADC!

This year ALSA UNPAD English Challenge, we sent 2 teams to compete on the 18th to 20th of February. Our delegates were Ariya Sidharta (FH ’15), Esther Dahlia (FE ’15) and Madeline Claudya (FH ’16) debated for ATMA A, also Esther Tjondro (FE ’15), Keshia Eastera (FH ’15), and Jason AW (FT ’16) debated for ATMA B.


After 5 preliminary rounds, ATMA A managed to break 5th with overall 4VPs. Commiserations to ATMA B, a very good job you guys did. ATMA A then proceeded to the Octo Finals round and competed against PCU B under the motion “TH supports the use of clone troopers”. Unfortunately, ATMA A must fell with a very close margin. Nonetheless, ADC is very proud of you. As for individual speaker, Ariya snatched the 7th best speaker. Well done for everyone. Let us train harder and harder for the upcoming competitions!



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