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Salutations, ADC!

This year ALSA UNPAD English Challenge, we sent 2 teams to compete on the 18th to 20th of February. Our delegates were Ariya Sidharta (FH ’15), Esther Dahlia (FE ’15) and Madeline Claudya (FH ’16) debated for ATMA A, also Esther Tjondro (FE ’15), Keshia Eastera (FH ’15), and Jason AW (FT ’16) debated for ATMA B.


After 5 preliminary rounds, ATMA A managed to break 5th with overall 4VPs. Commiserations to ATMA B, a very good job you guys did. ATMA A then proceeded to the Octo Finals round and competed against PCU B under the motion “TH supports the use of clone troopers”. Unfortunately, ATMA A must fell with a very close margin. Nonetheless, ADC is very proud of you. As for individual speaker, Ariya snatched the 7th best speaker. Well done for everyone. Let us train harder and harder for the upcoming competitions!


IVED 2017

Hello guys! This year, one of the oldest and most prestigious debating competitions in Indonesia, IVED was held on 13-17 January 2017 in Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. Atma Jaya Debating Club managed to send 3 teams for this competition. Our delegates for team A were Nico (FE’13), Shannon (FH’14), Ariya S (FH’15), and Alfonsus (Fpsi’14) as N1. Our team B were Livina S (Fpsi’15), Ray F (Fpsi’15), Irvin F (FT’15), and Cipur (FE’15) as N1. Last but not least, our team C were Abigail  (Fpsi’16), Keshia E (FH’15), AW (FT’16) and Vio (FIlkom’16) as N1. Here is the match up:

                Day 1

Round  1

Gov                                                        Opp

Atma A                                                 Sadhar B

PCU B                                                    Atma B

UNY                                                       Atma C

Round 2

Gov                                                        Opp

UI C                                                        Atma A

Atma B                                                 Mercubuana B

Atma C                                                 Sadhar A

Round 3

Gov                                                        Opp

Atma A                                                 UKSW

PCU A                                                   Atma B

Atma C                                                 Mercubuana A

For our N1, Cipur got promoted into chair in round 3, Apong as panel in all 3 rounds, and Vio as trainee in 3 rounds. As the result of today’s round: Atma A got 3 Vps, Atma B got 1 Vps, Atma C got 1 Vps.

Day 2

Round 4

Gov                                                        Opp

UI B                                                        Atma A

Atma B                                                 IPB B

Teknorat B                                          Atma C

Round 5

Gov                                                        Opp

Atma A                                                 UI B

IPB A                                                     Atma B

UNSOED                                              Atma C

Round 6

Gov                                                        Opp

UI A                                                       Atma A

Sadhar                                                  Atma B

UNNES                                                  Atma C

For our N1, Apong as panel in all 3 rounds. Cipur as chair in round 4 and 5, and as panel in round 6. Vio as trainee in all 3 rounds.

Because round 5 and round 6 were silent round, so Vps count for our team were 4 Vps for Atma A, 2 Vps for Atma B, and 1 Vps for Atma C.

IVED 2017 Breaking Announcement: Atma A managed to break main 6th with 5 Vps. Atma B managed to break main 15th with 4 Vps. Unfortunately Atma C didn’t managed to break. For our N1, Cipur made it to break 22nd and Apong 42nd . Unfortunately Vio didn’t manage to break. Congratulations Atma A, Atma B, Cipur, and Apong. Thank you Atma C and Vio for all hardwork, keep on the spirit guys!

Day 3

Octo Final Match Up

GOV                                                      OPP

Atma A                                                 PCU B

ITB A                                                      Atma B

Atma A won and continued to quarter final. Unfortunately Atma B didn’t win. But over all, thank you Atma B for your effort.

Quarter Final Match Up

GOV                                                      OPP

Atma A                                                 UI B

Unfortunately Atma A didn’t make it through semifinal, but after all a very good effort by Atma A. You guys put up a tremendous fight. We are very proud of you. Good luck for the next competition guys!

We also want to congratulate Vina for snatching top 5th best speaker Novice Category in IVED 2017, well done! We think our teams brought new fortune for ADC in IVED 2017. Eventhough it was a hard competition but they didn’t forget to have fun, they also went to karaoke and had an unforgettable memories! 🙂


On November 5th to 6th, NEWBIES 2016 was held in University of Indonesia. In this competition, we sent our new batch members that consist of Tjin Wahyu (FPB ’16), Keshia Eastera (FH ’15) and Gerald Alvino (FH ’16) for ATMA A, and Jason AW (FT ’16), Patricia Saskia (FPsi ’16), and Naomi Hanalisa (FPsi ’16) debated for ATMA B. Our young delegates prepared and practiced so hard for this competition. After months of training, the day has finally come, and here are the matchups for NEWBIES 2016.


Round 1 :

Gov                                        Opps

UI B                                        ATMA A

ATMA B                                UNPAR C

ATMA A succeed in the first round, unfortunately ATMA B didn’t.


Round 2 :

Gov                                        Opps

ATMA A                                UNPAR C

ATMA B                                BINUS A

In the second round, ATMA B succeed to claim the victory, but sadly ATMA A didn’t.


Round 3 :

Gov                                        Opps

ATMA A                                ITB B

UNPAD B                             ATMA B


Round 4 :

Gov                                        Opps

ATMA A                                SURYA A

UNSOED A                           ATMA B


Both round 3 and round 4 were silent rounds. After facing four preliminary rounds, ATMA B made it to break 6th   with 3 VPs, while ATMA A must fall from breaking with overall 2 VPs.

Unfortunately the journey for ATMA B which acted as opposition ended after a good fight against ITB B in the Quarter Finals. In addition, Saskia snatched the 7th best speaker award. We would like to thank the delegates for their awesome performance and wish them a very good luck for the upcoming competitions.


GMDT 2016

It’s that time of the year again, the annual Gadjah Mada Debating Tournament! Different from previous years, this year GMDT used BP system.


The four teams we sent this year consist of  Shannon (FH ’14) and Esther (FE ’15) for ATMA 1, Christoper Purnama (FE ’15) and Ariya Sidharta (FH ’15) for ATMA 2, Christine Clarissa (FE ’15) and Esther Dahlia (FE ’15) for ATMA 3, and last but not least Griffin Armando (FH ’15) and Irvin Felix (FE ’15) represented ATMA 4.


The delegates arrived at Jogja, 2 days before the competition which was held on the 5th to 6th of November. During our limited spare time, we had a very fun and enjoyable moments. At night, we went to Alun-Alun Jogjakarta, we had our ‘lesehan’ dinner there, and rode a becak full of lights (must do things when you’re around here). On the following day, we visited the iconic Malioboro to buy some souvenirs and had lunch at the famous Roaster and Bear Café.


And so the competition began on Saturday, the 5th. After facing four challenging motions in four preliminary rounds against several powerhouses’ debaters,  ATMA 1 was the only team who broke with the standing of 12th, holding 7VPs. As for ATMA 2, ATMA 3, and ATMA 4, they got the overall 6VPs, 6VPs, and 4VPs consecutively. Well done for the rest of the team.


The journey for ATMA 1 continued the next day. Eventually, ATMA 1 lost at quarter finals under the motion “THBT racial minorities in the USA should support the Three Strikes Law” with them being the 3rd. But after all, a very good job guys!


Before going back home, we decided to try the famous gelato from Il Tempo Del Gelato which tastes were so good. After all, GMDT 2016 has been very fun and exciting both in competitions and travelling. See you in GMDT 2017, and let’s work harder in another tournaments ahead! Cheers.


Opening the month of September, Universitas Sebelas Maret Solo held its first national debate competition with British Parliamentary system. As for Atma Jaya Debating Club, it was a good opportunity to sharpen our 2015 batch’s skills on debating and make them accustomed to BP. Therefore, we sent two teams to the competition that was held on the 2nd to 4th of September. Our delegates for ATMA A were Ariya Sidharta (FH ’15), Griffin Armando (FH ’15), and Ray Fabian (FPsi ’15) as N1, and ATMA B were Esther Dahlia (FE ’15), Emily Prasetyo (FPsi ’15), and Lieonardo (FE ’15) as N1.

Here are the match up :

1st Round











2nd Round











3rd Round






4th Round











After 4 preliminary rounds, both ATMA A and ATMA B broke and proceeded to quarter finals. ATMA A managed to broke 2nd  with 9 VPs, and ATMA B broke 10th with 7 VPs. As for N1s, Ray managed to broke 7th. The next day, the battle continue and both teams were against each other at quarter with the matchup :







Unfortunately, ATMA B must stopped here. But, the good and exciting news is that ATMA A went smoothly to grand finals and got 4th position. Yay! We are very pleased to know that. Congratulation for all of you and we are proud that each of our delegates had put in great efforts and brought home 3rd runner up title! Thank you and good luck for another competitions ahead!





Hello everyone!
We would like to announce the final result of ADC’s selection 2016, but first of all, we would like to send our gratitude to all of the participants. We sincerely appreaciate your effort and enthusiasm during the whole process of selection. So, for those of you who manage to pass, congratulations! And for those of you who didn’t manage to pass, that doesn’t mean you can’t join our club, you can try again next year because we are still waiting for you 🙂
So finally, these are the individuals who manage to pass the interview phase :
1 Abigail Nathania Limarga 2016-070-019
2 Adrian Fiantio 2016-012-203
3 Anastasia Bela N 2016-021-030
4 Andhi 2016-070-046
5 Andri Cakramihardja 2016-043-051
6 Angela Nadia 2015-012-179
7 Antonio Lourantio 2016-050-063
8 Aprilia Shidaputri 2016-070-190
9 Calvin Fernandes 2016-043-062
10 Celine Olivia 2016-080-047
11 D Shelinda Putri 2016-043-067
12 Darren Osmond 2016-013-022
13 Darwin Mulyo Heryadi 2016-012-160
14 Denys 2016-043-060
15 Frederica Dinda R 2016-012-308
16 Gerald Alvino Fugen 2016-050-042
17 Hervina Wijaya 2015-012-462
18 Ivan Nara 2015-070-214
19 Jason August Wisata 2016-043-029
20 Jose Norman Puji 2016-050-070
21 Karina Stefanie 2016-050-044
22 Katherine 2016-070-186
23 Keshia Eastera 2015-050-335
24 Linda Benita 2016-070-195
25 Lintang Rogokhi 2016-050-034
26 Lydia Natalia 2015-012-378
27 Madeleine Claudya 2016-050-064
28 Margareth Stefi 2016-070-062
29 Maria Septi Andari 2016-012-059
30 Maria Virginia Pangaribawani 2016-031-002
31 Marie Theressa Plate 2016-013-004
32 Nadia Salma 2016-012-033
33 Naomi Hanalisa 2016-070-234
34 Natasha Michelle Martin 2015-012-389
35 Nathania Jocelin 2016-070-022
36 Nicholas Felim 2016-080-037
37 Olivia 2016-022-012
38 Patricia Saskia 2016-070-013
39 Patricio Kresnatama 2016-080-027
40 Rebecca Victoria Mulyo 2016-080-038
41 Silviana Gunarsih 2016-012-101
42 Soraya Vioglenna Florencia 2016-022-079
43 Syifa Fauziah 2016-031-034
44 Tjin Wahyu 2016-031-013
45 Vincent Leonardo Huang 2016-012-025
46 William Cokro 2016-012-005

In order to complete your selection phase, you are OBLIGATED to join Pelatihan Debat Atma Jaya (PD AJA) XVIII. It will be conducted on September, 9th to 11th 2016.
All the information regarding that event will be notified through the briefing session of PD AJA XVIII. You can choose your briefing schedule through the link below. *Please fill the schedule form before Monday (5 Sept 2016) at 9 p.m*
Briefing session link :
See you at PD AJA XVIII !

ADC 2016 – TOP 60

Hello everyone! First of all, we would like to thank all participants for the enthusiasm. All of you been doing great, but sad to announce that only 60 of you with the highest selection score could proceed to the interview phase.
p.s. In order to officially become our member, you need to go through the second phase of our selection, which is the interview phase.
So here are the list of 2016’s top 60 (in no particular order) :
Abigail Nathania Limarga 2016-070-019
Adrian Fiantio 2016-012-203
Anastasia Bela N 2016-021-030
Andhi 2016-070-046
Andri Cakramihardja 2016-043-051
Angela Nadia 2015-012-179
Anna Emilyn S S 2015-012-478
Antonio Lourantio 2016-050-063
Aprilia Shidaputri 2016-070-190
Calvin Fernandes 2016-043-062
Celine Olivia 2016-080-047
D Shelinda Putri 2016-043-067
Darren Osmond 2016-013-022
Darwin Mulyo Heryadi 2016-012-160
Denys 2016-043-060
Dini Setiany 2016-012-119
Don Dearando 2015-012-526
Dyah Ayu Permatasari 2016-070-167
Frederica Dinda R 2016-012-308
Garryan Novanto 2016-011-001
Gerald Alvino Fugen 2016-050-042
Hanna Theresia D 2015-012-242
Hervina Wijaya 2015-012-462
Ivan Nara 2015-070-214
James Handoyo 2016-041-011
Jason August Wisata 2016-043-029
Jesslyn Nathania 2015-012-303
Jose Norman Puji 2016-050-070
Karina Stefanie 2016-050-044
Katherine 2016-070-186
Keshia Eastera 2015-050-335
Linda Benita 2016-070-195
Lintang Rogokhi 2016-050-034
Lydia Natalia 2015-012-378
Madeleine Claudya 2016-050-064
Marcella Rizkiana 2016-022-020
Marco Fracisco 2016-021-016
Margareth Stefi 2016-070-062
Maria Septi Andari 2016-012-059
Maria Virginia Pangaribawani 2016-031-002
Marie Theressa Plate 2016-013-004
Meilissa Wibisono 2016-043-030
Nadia Salma 2016-012-033
Naomi Hanalisa 2016-070-234
Natasha Michelle Martin 2015-012-389
Natasha Princessa 2015-012-019
Nathania Jocelin 2016-070-022
Nicholas Felim 2016-080-037
Olivia 2016-022-012
Patricia Saskia 2016-070-013
Patricio Kresnatama 2016-080-027
Quinn Lukman 2015-050-285
Rebecca Victoria Mulyo 2016-080-038
Santi 2016-011-147
Silviana Chandra 2016-070-083
Silviana Gunarsih 2016-012-101
Soraya Vioglenna Florencia 2016-022-079
Syifa Fauziah 2016-031-034
Tjin Wahyu 2016-031-013
Trisha Aldania 2016-050-043
Vincent Leonardo Huang 2016-012-025
William Cokro 2016-012-005


For those who pass, you need to select your interview schedule through this link before tonight at 12pm.
Please make sure you fill out your interview schedule and reconfirm it to us.
And, for those of you who didn’t make it through, cheer up and please don’t hesitate to try again next year!
For further information, contact us at : Cindy (087776340138) –sms/wa

JOVED 2016

This year JOVED was held on 12-16 August 2016 in Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya. Of course, Atma Jaya Debating Club participated in this prestigious event!! Our delegates for team A were Tasya (Fpsi’13), Nico (FE’13), Alfonsus (Fpsi’14) and Bimo (FE’13) as N1. Our team B were Vina (Fpsi’15), Sonia (FE’15), Christine (FE’15), and Devina (FTb’15) as N1. Here is the match up


Round  1

Gov                          Opp

Atma A                 UAJY B

UB B                       Atma B

Round 2

Gov                          Opp

Atma A                  POLSRI A

Atma B                  UNPAR C

Round 3

Gov                            Opp

UGM A                     Atma A

Atma B                     AAL A

Round 4

Gov                              Opp

Sadhar A                    Atma A

Atma B                       UnY A

Round 5

Gov                             Opp

Atma A                       Stipram B

Atma B                       UKP B

Round 6

Gov                              Opp

UGM B                        Atma A

BIPEDS B                   Atma B


For our N1 in JOVED 2016, Bimo manage to get panel in round 5&6 but unfortunately Devina was trainee in all round. But overall good job guys! For the break result: Atma A manage to break 5th with 5 vps, unfortunely Atma B and both N1 didn’t manage to go further. But you guys already did great job, keep the spirit on. Better luck next time. Also, congratulations for Atma A.

OctoFinal Match up: Atma A vs UNUD A

QuarterFinal Match up : Atma A vs BIPEDS A

Unfortunately Atma A didn’t make it through semifinal, but afterall a very good effort by Atma A. Good luck for the next competition guys!

We also want to congratulate Nico for snatching the 9th best speaker of JOVED 2016, well done! Eventhough it was a hard competition but we didn’t forget to have fun, we also went to karaoke and Suroboyo Carnival Park after the competition had finished. JOVED 2016 gave us new experience!



UADC Bangkok 2016

UADC ( jun 1, 2016)

Our delegates for UADC 2016 in Bangkok were Febri (FTB’12), Anggi (FKIP’12), Tasya (Fpsi’13), and our N1 was Nico (FE’13).  UADC is the biggest and most competitive debate championship in Asia that uses Asian Parliamentary format. UADC has two category for its elimination round, the Open Category and EFL (English as Foreign Language) Category.

On the first day, our N1 conducted the accreditation test. Our N1 was qualified to be panelist, the 1st preliminary round. Preliminary rounds began the following day.

Round                         Gov                             Opp

  1.                          Atma Jaya A vs         SMU C
  2.                          Atma Jaya A vs         NTU B
  3.                          Atma Jaya A vs         SDS
  4.                          Atma Jaya A vs         ITB C
  5.                          Atma Jaya A vs         ITB A
  6.                          Atma Jaya A vs         Binus A
  7.                                      PCU B vs         Atma A
  8.                          Atma Jaya A vs         KPU-PT A

After 8 rounds of preliminary rounds, Unfortunately our team didn’t make it to the EFL break, also for adjudicator breaking our adjudicator didn’t make it to the breaking list. But overall you did a great job guys, thank you for your hard work.



NUDC ( May 25, 2016)


This competition is held on may, 2016  in Universitas Kristen Indonesia (UKI). Our contingents are Nico (FE’13), Tasya (Fpsi’13), and Vina (Fpsi’15) as N1. Here is the match up :

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

1                      Pancasila                     Atma                           Esa Unggul                 Budi Luhur

2                      Atma                           Bunda Mulia               UI                                LP3I

3                      STIE Trisakti               UKI                             Binus                           Atma

After 3 rounds of preliminary rounds, tasya and nico got 5th breaking positions, and nico is in 9th best speaker position. Unfortunately our NI didn’t break, well you already giving your best guys. Our team move to semifinal in the next day, but unfortunately our team didn’t make it through the final.