Atma Jaya Intervarsity (Atma Jaya IV) is a BP (British Parliamentary) debate competition held by Atma Jaya Debating Club (ADC). This is an annual nationwide competition for varsity students.

The first ever Atma Jaya Intervarsity was held at 2013, with Silvya Suwandy, our current president, as a convener.

The reason behind why Atma Jaya Intervarsity was invented and held is because we simply know that at some point, there is still some people and worst, some youth who could never express what’s on their mind. We know that Atma Jaya Intervarsity may not be the best choice for them, but it surely one of the choice they could have. We know that to conquer something, you have to first, rise, and then dominate. That’s why we hold our tagline “Rise and Dominate” with an expectation to transfer [at least] our spirit to them to speak what’s on their mind, and importantly, to rise and dominate, in every chance they have.


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