Nixon William Kumala is one of the significant president ADC could have.

He is a industrial engineering student of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia batch 2008. He is now on his journey to earn a degree and continue his life outside debating (maybe) lol.

There are several things that has been fixed during his presidency. The major reason why he is counted as a significant president is that he reformed and gave subsidy to almost all of the competition exclude the annual competition, such as IVED or JOVED.

He is also the president who created a new policy about ADC’s membership. This issue becomes important in ADC, so that he created a new policy about who are the member and who are not.

None of ADC’s member could deny his dedication to ADC. All of his dedication and integrity reflected on his journey as a debater, or as a member of ADC.

And his achievements during his involvement in ADC are:

1. Quarter-Finalist of PRIDE UPH (2009) [Debating Competition].

2. Octo-Finalist of 13th Java Overland Varsity English Debate Competition 2009.

3. 4th place of Inter Varsities Public Debate Competition held by Habibie Center and Association for Critical Thinking 2011.

4. 1st Runner up of Kompetisi Debat Mahkamah Konstitusi Regional II 2011.

5. 4th place of I-Motion Marketing Debate Competition 2011.


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