UADC Bangkok 2016

UADC ( jun 1, 2016)

Our delegates for UADC 2016 in Bangkok were Febri (FTB’12), Anggi (FKIP’12), Tasya (Fpsi’13), and our N1 was Nico (FE’13).  UADC is the biggest and most competitive debate championship in Asia that uses Asian Parliamentary format. UADC has two category for its elimination round, the Open Category and EFL (English as Foreign Language) Category.

On the first day, our N1 conducted the accreditation test. Our N1 was qualified to be panelist, the 1st preliminary round. Preliminary rounds began the following day.

Round                         Gov                             Opp

  1.                          Atma Jaya A vs         SMU C
  2.                          Atma Jaya A vs         NTU B
  3.                          Atma Jaya A vs         SDS
  4.                          Atma Jaya A vs         ITB C
  5.                          Atma Jaya A vs         ITB A
  6.                          Atma Jaya A vs         Binus A
  7.                                      PCU B vs         Atma A
  8.                          Atma Jaya A vs         KPU-PT A

After 8 rounds of preliminary rounds, Unfortunately our team didn’t make it to the EFL break, also for adjudicator breaking our adjudicator didn’t make it to the breaking list. But overall you did a great job guys, thank you for your hard work.




NUDC ( May 25, 2016)


This competition is held on may, 2016  in Universitas Kristen Indonesia (UKI). Our contingents are Nico (FE’13), Tasya (Fpsi’13), and Vina (Fpsi’15) as N1. Here is the match up :

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

1                      Pancasila                     Atma                           Esa Unggul                 Budi Luhur

2                      Atma                           Bunda Mulia               UI                                LP3I

3                      STIE Trisakti               UKI                             Binus                           Atma

After 3 rounds of preliminary rounds, tasya and nico got 5th breaking positions, and nico is in 9th best speaker position. Unfortunately our NI didn’t break, well you already giving your best guys. Our team move to semifinal in the next day, but unfortunately our team didn’t make it through the final.


ALSA UI 2016

Hey guys it’s this time of the year again ! It’s ALSA UI time ! we sent two teams there the first team consist of Chiristin, Esther, and Vina with the N1 Shannon. Our second team are Cipur, Ariya, and Emily with N1 Hiskia, and we have Griffin as independent adjudicator. For this competition our delegates train hard, and they held a training camp for this competition, after a long and hars day of training, finnaly D-Day has come. Here is the match up for Alsa UI.

Gov Opp
EEC Unila Atma A
Prasmul A Atma B


Gov Opp


Gov Opp
Atma A FH UB
EEC Unila Atma B


Gov Opp
Akmil Atma A
Atma B Teknokrat


Gov Opp
Atma A UMN B
Atma B Teknokrat A


After a very long phase of debating, the breaking announcement came up. First up is N1 break, Shannon manage to break 9th! But unfortunately Griffin and Hiskia did not break. Debaters break, our team Atma B manage to break 10th and proceed to octofinals, but sadly Atma A did not break. Finally Atma B have to stop at octofinal facing IPB A. Regardless of the result, we are very proud of you guys, good luck for the next competition guys !

AUI 2016

AUI (Mar 19, 2016)

Aku Untuk Indonesiaku is held again on Mar 19 2016, ADC sent two teams to compete in the tournament. They are Anggi (Fkip’12), and Kario (Fpsi’11) as Atma A, and Tasya (Fpsi’13), Febri (Ftb’12) as Atma B. On the first day, there were 4 preliminary rounds, and round 3 and 4 were silent round. And here are the match up:

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

1                      Teknokrat C                UI A                            Atma A                       Swing

Petra D                        Petra B                         UB B                           Atma B

2                      Teknokrat A                Atma B                       Uma                           Teknokrat

Unsoed A                    Its A                            Its B                             Atma A

3                      Atma B                       UB C                           UGM A                          UNAIR A

Binus A                       Atma A                          UB A                          UGM C

4                       Atma A                       Binus A                       Atma B                       UGM B


Atma jaya A was break 4th with 9Vps, and Atma jaya B at 10th position with 8Vps. And in the next day go to quarterfinal, and the match up are

Round             OG                              OO                              CG                              CO

Quarter         ITS B                          UGM A                       Petra B                         Atma A

Unair A                       UAD A                       Atma A                       Ugm B

Semi                UB B                           Binus A                       Atma A                     UGM A

UB A                          UGM D                       UGM B                       Atma B

Final                UGM B                       Binus A                       Atma A                       Atma B

Atma jaya A got 1st runner up, and Atma B got 3rd runner up in this competition. Thank you for your hard work guys!



Hi guys! Welcome to one of our annual competition Alsa UNPAD! this year we send three teams, with the purpose of achievement, and also experience for our freshman!      The teams are :

  • Atma A : Kario, Tasya, Sasa
  • Atma B : Nico, Griffin, Eric
  • Atma C : Bimo, Ray, Shannon

For this competition that were held in February, the team have trained hard to prep themeself, and finally it comes, D-Day of compeition. Here come the matchup for the first day !

Round 1

Gov Opp
Atma B PCU C

Round 2

Gov Opp
UPI A Atma A
Stipram A Atma B
Atma C Stipram  B

Round 3

Gov Opp
Atma A Binus B
Atma B Binus A
Teknokrat B Atma C


First day VP count ! Atma A 3VPs, Atma B 2VPs, Atma C 1VPs.  A very satisfying result from Atma A, and a good job done by Atma B and C! The night pass and here comes the day 2 of Alsa UNPAD. Here come the match up for the second day !

Round 4

Gov Opp
UGM A Atma A

Round 5

Gov Opp
UPI A Atma A
Stipram A Atma B
Atma C Stipram  B

Breaking result ! Atma A break 4th! But unfortunately Atma B and C did not break. Better luck next time guys, you did a good job. Next is the Octo Final, Atma A are facing UNDIP A and got the win, then they proceed to Quarter Final againts PCU A, and they also come out victorious.
The Semi were held the next day but sadly Atma A must be stopped by UGM A at the semi. Too bad but we are so proud of you guys. Thank you for the hard work, and Good luck for the next competition.

IVED 2016

It’s time ! Ived is here, for this competition we sent two teams that have train really hard.

  • Team A : Eric, Vina, Hendry with N1 Irvin
  • Team B : Chris, Dimas, Ariya with N1 : Gabriella

The competetion started as usual with debating seminar and exhibition, and continued with accreditation for our N1. The accreditation result will be announced on the following day, the same day as the debating competition started. Then the next day came and the debating competiton started, our N1 Gabriella are chosen as a panel adjudicator, and Irvin as a trainee adjudicator. Here comes the match up

Round 1

Gov Opp
Telkom Atma A
Atma B Bipeds A

Round 2

 Gov Opp
Atma A Unpad B
Atma B Teknokrat A

Round 3

Gov Opp
UNY Atma A
UKB B Atma B

Round 4

Gov Opp
Atma A Sadhar A
Bipeds B Atma B

Round 5

Gov Opp
Atma A Teknokrat B
Strikers Bali Atma B

Round 6

Gov Opp
Atma A ITS
Atma B Teknokrat B


Unfortunately both of our team did not break. All things said, they still do their best and fight untill the last second. But the good news is our N1 Gabriella Break on the 33rd position ! Better luck next time guys.




WUDC Thessaloniki 2016

WUDC 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece

This time we joined another international debate competition, WUDC 2016 Thessaloniki. We sent one team to compete, which consist of Anggi Arishkan and Kario Teguh Chandra for EFL category. After a long time of preparation, finally the battle began on Monday, Dec 28th 2015.

In the first round, Atma Jaya got 1st with the motion THW allow states to use mercenary forces in combat roles in active military operations.

Round 2

Round 2 of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 4th place with the motion THW would prohibit private ownership of art deemed to be culturally or historically significant.

Round 3

Round 3 of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 4th place with the motion THBT all states should collectively aggregate and evenly distribute all revenue from mineral wealth globally on a per capita basis

Round 4

Round 4 of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 4th place with the motion THB that governments with racially diverse populations should never record the ethnic or racial background of their residents.

Round 5

Round 5 of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 2nd place with the motion THB the US should withdraw from East Asia and cede regional hegemony to China.

Round 6

Round 6 of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 1st place with the motion THBT states should adopt sunset clauses that legally force them to review and either re-authorize or revise their constitutions every generation.

Round 7

Round 7 of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 3rd place with the motion TH supports stronger collective bargaining rights and protections rather than legislated labor market regulations (e.g., wage levels and working conditions)

Round 8

Round 8th of WUDC 2016 Atma Jaya got 4th place with the motion THBT the creation of feminist icons and their cults of personality are good for the feminist movement

Round 9 :

this was the last preliminary round, the motion for this round THBT that criminal punishments should be based only on the offenders’ culpability rather than the damages caused by the criminal act or other outcomes derived from the punishment. We got 1st position in this round

After 9 rounds of preliminary rounds, it was the time for breaking announcement, we manage to get 12 VP(s) but unfortunately we didn’t make it into the breaking list in EFL Category. But we got many experiences and knowledge in this world tournament, which can help us to improve our skill and performance in the next competition. Never give up and keep learning!!

GMDT 2015

Sooo, this was the third time ADC joined Gajah Mada Debating Tournament (GMDT) hosted by UGM.. Two teams that are going to represent Atma are:

ATMA A                                : Theodorus Nico, Sasa, Jovita Gianina

ATMA B                                : Ivana Natalia, Bimo Sadeli, Alfonsus Goutama

N1(s)                                      : Shannon, Richard Tjie

After team announcement, each team quickly gathered to do the obligatory SWOT & arrange a training schedule.  After two months of training and preparation, the long-awaited Asian tournament has finally came. We took an 8-hour overnight train to Yogyakarta and arrived just in time to see the sun rise. Most of us didn’t get a good sleep & were extremely exhausted. Our N1 are already check-in to the hotel the day before the debaters came because they already go to Jogja the daye before. The N-1s headed straight to UGM for adjudication test.

After that, we were resting for a couple of hours before we going back to practice. Day one ended after we had dinner in a restaurant that was not far from our hotel. It was unbelievably cheap & delicious and of course it tase more delicious since we were exhausted and hungry

The next day, we had our breakfast in front of our hotel and eating “indomie” to fill up our stomach and then we headed to UGM. It was hard to look for a taxi and we were anxious that we are going to be late so we ended up called for a taxi  We had 3 preliminary rounds that day and 2 more round the next day before breaking announcement.










After 5 rounds of preliminary rounds, ATMA A managed broke 11th and proceed to Octofinal round. Sadly, ATMA B didn’t go through  At octofinal round, also our N1 sadly didn’t break to the breaking adjudicator.

ATMA A faced UII B and had a very tight debate.  And, the result is that ATMA A win against UII B and manage to go to the QuarterFinal Round.

ATMA A faced UGM B in the quarterfinal round. Both of the team are really engaging towards each other and having a really fun also tight debate, in this round we even make the adjudicator Revian Broke to laughter when the debate was on. but, Unfortunately ATMA A lost to UGM B but after all the teams was having a really good effort on the debate and it was a really fun debate.


The next day, we decided to head for “Food Hunting” in Jogja, the first restaurant that we went is “roast and bear coffe lounge” the food are so delicious and it was cheap too!! We had a full of food in our table that time. After that we thought of some ice cream so we went to the Gelato. We decide to look for another restaurant by “walking” across the street hoping that there were any interesting restaurant nearby, and we ended with none restaurant :’) so we decided to go to malioboro. After we arrived. We split into groups. One is staying at Mirota, one is shopping for gifts and bakpia. After we were done with resting and a little shopping we decide to eat one last meal in jogja which is Mie Jogja “Pak Pele”. On our way there it was so tough for us because there were no “becak” nearby so we walk for a while and we found two “becak” so we decide to ride the “becak” and because there were 8 of us and most of us have a “big body” :p the “becak” is only for 6 people sooo, Nico and Bimo decide to “run” all the way to mie jogja “pak pele” it was so funny thet when they were arrive they have this sweat all over theirbody and it was so hilarious. After that we ate a lot there and even some of us eat double portion.
After our last meal we were heading to the train and took another 8-hour overnight train to Jakarta…. … It was an amazing experience with the most amazing people

Let’s work hard in another tournament!!



Hi Guys ! another year has started and this time we enter our annual competition NEWBIES. We sent three teams there and as always, it all consist of our newest member, the XVII Batch of ADC. Our delegates are :
Newbies A : Christoper, Ariya, Dimas
Newbies B : Christine, Delia, Aldris
Newbies C : Irvin, Hendry, Steven

After a tough training and long phase of debating unfortunately none of the team breaks… But good job regardless guys, Better luck next time.


ADC Selection 2015: Final Result


Hello everyone!!

We would like to announce the final result of ADC selection 2015!!

Before proceeding to the list, we, as this year selection’s committee, would like to send our gratitude to all of the participants. We sincerely appreciate your effort and enthusiasm during the whole process of selection, thus we would like to commend you for that! For those who didn’t manage to pass, this does not mean you can not join our club. You can try again next year because we are still waiting for you.

So.., after a long deliberation process, these are the individuals who manage to pass the interview phase:

A. A. Ngr. Ariya Sidartha 2015-050-221
Aldris Prayogo 2015-050-172
Anthia Ratna 2015-031-018
Ardelia Khairina 2015-043-128
Bernadin Randy 2015-012-447
Calvin Varel Havando 2015-081-039
Cassandra Ethania 2015-043-055
Christine Clarissa 2015-012-243
Christopher Purnama 2015-012-061
Cynthia Maura 2015-012-339
Devina Wirawan 2015-081-036
Dimas Priandika 2015-011-231
Elisabeth 2015-080-037
Emily Danti 2015-070-206
Esther 2015-12-26
Esther Dahlia 2015-012-476
Felicia Prasetiadi 2015-021-013
Fengly 2015-012-484
Fransisca Cindy 2015-043-045
Fransiska Larasati 2015-050-062
Frederick Batara 2015-043-169
Gregorius Steven 2015-012-254
Griffin 2015-050-065
Hendry Samuel P 2015-012-062
Ignacio Eric 2015-070-105
Irvin Felix 2015-050-301
Kelvin Abednego 2015-012-324
Kendra Sophie 2015-050-300
Kenny Manurung 2015-050-247
Kerin Christianto 2015-011-091
Lieonardo 2015-012-240
Lika Fennylia 2015-050-291
Livina Septiana 2015-070-082
Meryl Meliantha 2015-070-178
Nathania Angela 2015-070-308
Park Se Rah 2015-050-188
Pius Y. Sactiadi 2015-050-306
Ray Fabian 2015-070-122
Redantaprila Siaga 2015-012-222
Regina Benedicta 2015-012-343
Ridani Faulika 2015-050-064
Robby Yustisio 2015-050-295
Sharlene 2015-080-062
Shirley 2015-021-049
Soniawanti Susanto 2015-012-371
Vabindra Bimasvara 2015-021-079
Valeria Christie Ayu 2015-050-124


In order to complete your selection phase, you are OBLIGATED to join Pelatihan Debat Atma Jaya (PD AJA) XVII. It will be conducted on September, 4th to 6th 2015.

All the information regarding that event will be notified through the briefing session of PD AJA XVII. You can choose your briefing schedule through this link:

That is all, thank you. See you at PD AJA XVII!





ADC Selection Committee 2015