ACDC 2018

Congratulation delegates! We’re very proud of you!

ATMA 1 managed to become the 1st runner up & ATMA 2 to become quarter finalist of ACDC 2018.



@America 2018

Sports Day 2018

Some very cool weather greeted us on Sunday morning, a refreshing change for the 2018 ADC Sports Day!


All ADC member were in CFD and raring to go, despite the cool weather. Lots of enthusiasm and lots of cheer!


Well done to all who took part and thank you to all members for helping to make the event a success!



Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is our favorite holiday and our favorite time of year! Especially this 2017 Christmas!

We had so much fun playing many interesting games!




and did Exchange Gift from year to year! So exciting!


Hope you can join our Christmas Party in the future!


Consolidation 2018 : To The Moon & Back

On January 21st 2018, ADC went to Carita Beach for Consolidation! We had so much fun for 3 beach-days there!

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0436

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0437

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0434


Consolidation is the time when we, all the ADC members, from active members to alumni, can gather around in one place to catch up with each other. It’s an annual event which neither of us want to miss!

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0332

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0283

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0271

In consolidation, we played so many fun games and did many interesting activites (We mean, took a lot of pictures!)

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0363

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0376

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0379

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0350

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0023

We also had a Consolidation Night! In there, we shared our impression, wishes, and dreams for ADC in the future. In this year’s consolidation night we had a theme “To The Moon and Back” and had to wear pajamas along the night! Kind of pajamas party!

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0141

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0178

We already can’t wait to attend Consolidation 2019! We’re sure it will be as fun as this year’s!

KONSOLIDASI 2018_180807_0382


ADC 2017 Birthday Party

On August 12th 2017 we celebrated ADC’s birthday! We are very proud of these years full of experiences and of who we are today because of them.



It’s been an interesting journey, with each step chiseling away the rough stone to divulge a figure that can’t be copied or reproduced. The fact that we can do so is a very good thing and should be celebrated, especially as that cake didn’t arrive on its own. Most likely, someone placed it in front of us, which means we have caring folks around us wanting to spend the time to celebrate our journey. Many people do not.



When we look upon our life, we think about all of the significant moments we have been through: the friends we have cultivated; the opportunities we have been given that we never would have guessed would have occurred; the wisdom we have gained along the way. There are so many people that we need to thank for adding to our lives. If we named all of our member, this blog would never end. We realize the good fortune we have in being able to say that.



We must say that we are thoroughly enjoying stepping into next year’s journey and we can’t wait to see what happens next, because up to now, it’s been a heck of a ride! Including the many changes that will come from now until god knows when. We welcome them. To us, life will only get better. And as we sit in front of the birthday cake on August 12th evening, hearing the birthday song sung to us, we will blow out our candles in acknowledgment of the many blessings we have been given up till now and look to our future with great anticipation and a deep seeded thankfulness for every candle on our cake. We’ve made those candles burn brightly in our heart every day.


ADC 2018


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